California San Diego Mission

California San Diego Mission

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Where did the week go?

General Conference and MLC where this week so i have not taught any lessons since wednesday. and n wednesday the car we were driving had a flat we could go to our appointments until we waited for 3 hours t get it fixed. Me and Sister Trujillo got bored at PepBoys so this is the result of that. 

As for General Conference (because that is the only thing i did this week!) i really loved how the overall theme of Saturday session was missionary work and the Plan of Salvation! But if i had to pick a favorite talk i would say the second to last speaker of the sunday afternon session. He talked about how his mom would read the scripture to him and his family every morning, and how he would never listen. I really loved this talk because it made me think about how i want to raise my future family. 

Just want you all to know that lately i have been having the strongest urge to cut my hair to my shoulders.......someone hold me back from making the biggest mistake of my life! 

Also today we have to clean our apartments to be "temple clean..." to all the battalion sisters that have seen these apartments you all know that i need a straight miracle to do that....pray or me while i have a pday filled with bleach and 45 years worth of dirt. 

Another side comment have any of yall seen the movie San Andres?? Well San Diego lies on the San Andres fault line and there is suppose to be a big earthquake here today, and im forever scarred from seeing that movie.... 

I love you and miss you all!!

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Shout out to Sister Patterson because in every one of these pictures i am wearing your clothes!! #iMissYou!❤

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