California San Diego Mission

California San Diego Mission

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Election Day

why did no one inform me that i could vote on my mission??? Just throwing that out there?

So this week was interesting. We were at the temple working our weekly shift when these 2 Brazilian men walk up to our booth. They start asking why they cant go into the temple, so we tell them why-give our little shpeel about the temple. Then they starting asking us about ourselves, like what our first names are (which is super weird to tell people on a mission idk why?) and if we have been in the LDS church our whole life. Then they walk away....then one of them walks back. He is kinda nervous and continues in his broken english saying "would you like to get ice cream on the beach later tonight...??" me and sister trujillo are horrified and dont really know how to tell him that we took the holy nun oath and are not allowed to, but before we could say that our new trainee say "yeah sure whats your number?" now im even more horrified! WHAT!!! WHERE IN THE WHITE HANDBOOK DOES IT SAY WE are allowed to go to the beach and get ice cream with random brazilian men???? yeah NO WHERE! so that was interesting. this is a picture of the text message they sent us later that night. 

Inline image 1

also our ward is full of crazy people. This really old black lady went up to the stand on sunday wearing a straw hat and says this "Im gunna tell yall about the dream i had las night. I had a dream that i was in my kitchen with a big pitcher of Kool-Aid...hahaha yes i do dream in color. The Kool-Aid was red..." and continues to tell us about her Kool-Aid dream. And at the end of the testimony she says "And bless ALL YALL in the house today! Amen" hahahahah i was trying to hold in my laughter so much! It was hilarious!
Inline image 2
^^a man that walked in to MoBat on day of the dead!! lol 

Inline image 3
^^the pride and joy of the CSDM

Inline image 4
^^^had MLC this

Inline image 5
^^^^^city heights is so beautiful 

Hope you all have a great week!! love and miss all of you!!!! 

The coolest Sister Price in the mission field!💙

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