California San Diego Mission

California San Diego Mission

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Safari Hunt

On Friday August 26th 2016 Sister Price and Sister Patterson were
split up and went on a day exchanges with the Mandarin sisters. Sister
Price was fortunate enough to once again travel to the foreign lands
of China while comfortably staying in San Diego. She was accompanied
by Sister Zhu (29, from Mainland China) their mission this day was to
find all the rare species of Chinese speakers. The first spotting of
them was in a nicer part of the city (La Jolla). They were walking
along the outside gate of the temple grounds when CRIKIES on the other
side of the street they spotted not one, but two Chinese people in the
flesh!! They walk fast to try to catch up with them. By golly these
two old ladies are fast! They start to run after them. Still not
catching up. They sprint with all their energy to find these two
Asians! Finally their work has paid off, they are behind them. Sister
Price yells out in the most American accent "knee-how!!" (That's
apparently how you greet people in China) then she walks up to the
victims and says "my dear friend right here (wraps her arm around
Sister Zhu) is from China and would like to practice her Chinese. Do
you know Chinese?" Sister Price then stands in oblivion because she
has no idea what is being said. She just nods in agreement to whatever
Sister Zhu says. Sister Zhu works her magic and gets the ladies phone
number and sets up an appointment to see them the next day. Mission

dont ask my why i decided to write that in 3rd person, but that was like the 
most exciting thing that happened this week. Chasing down Chinese people.:)

Hope you all have a great week!! Now on to the real reason why you opened this email-to see the pictures!!!:)

❤ Sister Price
Inline image 1
^^Pride and Joy of the CSDM

Inline image 2
^^the weekly flower pic

Inline image 3
^^^went street contacting at UCSD (University of California San Diego) and let me tell you there is nothing more awkward then being a missionary on a college campus....i personally never want to do that again, but hey i got to take this pic so i guess it makes up for it.

Inline image 4
^^^gospel knows no limits

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