California San Diego Mission

California San Diego Mission

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

It's Tuesday again

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Nothing super crazy happened this week, but i have pictures to prove that i did do more then just sit around at my apartment. So the one above is of our recent convert family from the Congo. We were able to take them on a tour at the MoBat and they LOVED IT!!! they have never seen anything like it before haha and i promise they are always a lot more happy then they look in the picture...

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this is the face of two sister missionaries that are hot and sweaty, that dont know how to speak to most of their investigators because they are all from Africa and speak swahili, that dont get any help from their ward mission leader, that dont have any ward missionaries, that have 1000 people in their ward but only 200 come, that didnt get to sit next to their 11 investigators at church because someone too all the seats that we saved, that have a secret identity of being a pioneer, and miss Jimmy Johns. but if anyone asks us how we are doing we always say "Great, everything is great!"

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ok i couldnt hold back any longer i had to send some pictures of the flowers. They are the most beautiful thing about San Diego!! One of the things that i am really going to miss when i goo back to the desert of NM

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True of False: You are not a missionary unless you have ridiculously weird tan lines?
TRUE. 100 percent true 

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Sister Hatch came back to visit!!!! (shes the one wearing pants, and we are all secretly envious of that..;)  definite highlight of the week (other then discovering the only Sonic in San Diego...:)

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Sister Hatch is showing us all the shirtless guys on instagram...i mean all her pictures on instagram

love you all so much!! have a great week! 

Sister Olivia Price

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