California San Diego Mission

California San Diego Mission

Sunday, April 24, 2016

San Diego !!

Just want to take a minute and thank my parents for being so awesome! they are great and i love them so much! They give the best advice :) #shoutOut 

This week the weather has been warming up, which is not so mice when you have to stand around in a full on pioneer dress, but its great weather to go to the beach and do things outside (which are things that i don't get to do as a missionary, but that is ok because i can come back after my mission:) Anyway so this has been really great!! Yesterday was one of the best days of my mission and i hope to make all the rest of the just the same!

So there is the biggest population of homeless people here in San Diego and it is just nasty. They live right next door to our apartment in the woods and they yell at each other early early in the morning...-_- Its like people here choose to be homeless because they are lazy and don't want to go out and get a job...that or they are straight up crazy. On every street corner there is always at least 1 homeless person begging for money...ehhhh its just sad. 

I got sick with the flu this week, which was not fun because i had no means to take care of myself. So Sister Sinclair (one of my favorite senior couples at the Battalion) went out and bought me medicine which was really nice of her to do. She is like my battalion mom! She is great and lives right next door to Weber State so i will get to visit her when i get off my mission!! Woo! 

Yep so that's how this week was! It was really really great!! Thanks for all the prayers and i love you all so much!:) 

PS- did all of my younger sister die? I have not heard from them this whole month???? #AmINotImportandAnymore??

Have a great week and know that life is good over here in San Diego! 


Sista OPrice

This is a selfie with my mission president! He is the greatest!! He is going to be an apostle one day i swear!!

California Free

Greetings from California!! 

the weather here in San Diego is the best! All the time! The flowers are blooming everywhere and it is sooo beautiful! Spring time is the best time to be here! Today we are going to ride bikes around Coronado Island and i am sooo stoked! But let me tell you folks that California is straight up the weirdest place ever. Everyone here is Let me tell you why! So me and my companion were at this place Shelter Island eating dinner with a bunch of families after conference. Shelter Island is an island connected to my area by a bridge and there is only one public bathroom there. So i walk in and immediately i am confused. There are zero doors or even walls in this bathroom. Like you can literally hold hands with the person sitting next to you.....i don't know if they were trying to save materials while they were building this bathroom or what but it was so weird.....

Also Paula got baptized last week with her swim cap on and i will send you pics! they are so funny!! Bless her heart she did not want to get her hair wet and looked ridiculous being baptized with a swim cap on. She didnt want pics, but i snuck some anyway because i have to prove that i baptized a lady with a swim cap on because she didnt want her precious hair to get wet (crying laugh face). But what was really cool about the baptism is that after Paula got baptized you could physically see a difference in her countenance. She was so much more happy and brighter! Its because she knew she was saved ;) lol

So conference was so great this weekend, BUT i didn't get to watch a lot of it because i was busy taking people on tour at the Battalion....-_- thank you to all the people from Utah that came into the Battalion on Sunday that were recording conference at home, you people made me miss the words of the prophet.... no jk sacrifices bring blessings! (thats just what i keep telling myself so i don't feel as bad about missing most of conference) 

This week was not that exciting sadly. But i did eat a California burrito! everyone here says they are the best and my personal opinion is that Burrito express is 10x better. :)
Well i miss you all so much and hope that you have an exciting week! Remember the words of the prophet and #StayHoly ;) 

Hermanita Precio 

Sunday, April 3, 2016


Just want to start of by saying LATE HAPPY EASTER!!! i did some cool things for easter that i will tell you about in this email! But this week the weather has been soooo nice! its like a perfect 73 degrees with sunshine and i will be the first one to say that its the best weather to not be a missionary....i just want to go to the beach and play volleyball in this weather, but nope i gotta be in a full on pioneer dress and be a slave...jk im not really a slave but its sure feels like it sometimes with all these dang rules.

So yall are probably wondering why the subject of this email is buckets, well i have a baptism tonight (7:00 at the mission valley building if you want to come :)  and it is the funniest thing. The lady that is being baptized, her name is Paula. She is a 50ish year old lady and she is SUPER OOBER RICH!!!! holy smokes she has so much money, she will give a fifty dollar bill to some of the homeless people around her house. Well her husband is a weathly chinese man and doesnt know that she meets with the missionaries, so we have been meeting with her in secret and she had read the entire book of mormon and knows that it is true and lives all the gospel standard so on friday we asked her what she had against being baptized? this is her exact answer "well i don't really want to get my hair wet!" WHAT????? YOU DONT WANT TO BE SAVED BECAUSE YOU DONT WANT YOUR PRECIOUS HAIR TO GET WET???? im sure you could buy yourself a whole hair facotry with all the money you have Paula!! so i replied with "well you can wear a swim cap?" (which i was not sure if it was allowed, but i said it anyway cuz hmm why not?) so she said "ohh really i didnt even think about that? ok i guess i will get baptized." and so we were trying to find a time like next month for her to be baptized and she said that those dates were too far away that she wanted to get baptized on tuesday. TUESDAY!!!! LIKE IN FOUR DAYS!!!!  So now she is going to get baptized with a white swim cap on because she doesnt want to get her precious hair wet. hahaha i will take lots of pics so you can see how funny it looks! i will send you a video of the building that she lives is. Its massive! but anyway Paula is finally going to get baptized today! :D

So mom and dad i want you to know that the director of the MoBat told me that i give the best tours at the battalion, that is something to be proud of! And over the past couple of months from giving this tour i have realized that i really like to act. People always ask me at the end of the tour if i took acting lessons before my mission and NOPE im just a natural at it! so i now know why i get called here!:) at the end of my mission i want the whole family to come see so they can see how awesome i am at giving tours :)

so this week we went over to a less actives house to give them a movie "the lamb of God" its about the real meaning of Easter and when we went over they invited us to dye easter eggs with them, and IT WAS SOO FUN!! i had a blast! i will send you a video of the two little girls singing and the littlest girl is my favorite she is sooo goofy looking, she has no front teeth, bleach blonde hair and dark brown eyes and likes to pretend that she is a cat. She had me dye all her easter eggs for her because she straight up loves me so much! she even  wrote on an egg "i love you" so that was the best part of easter was getting to dye easter eggs with this cute family that never come to church but its ok because i still love them so much:) but i didn't get easter dinner like Tyson did, no one signed up to feed us dinner this week....-_- or next week....-_- sooo that means im going to be eating candy all week because i have no real food. 

anyway im excited for the baptism tonight and love you all so much!! and miss you like crazy!! hope the fam is having an enjoyable spring break! loveeee youuuu!!! 

really missed your email this week Kaylee...:(

Olivia Precio 

Sodom and Gomorrah

Greetings from California where people commonly walk down the road without shoes on! Seriously though people never wear shoes around here it is weird....and also every person that lives in my area (Point Loma) has a telescope in their front room so they can spy on people at the beach! lol The area that i am in is a really rich part of San Diego. Everyone has a nice house by the beach, they all drive brand new BMW's or porches, and absolutely have ZERO time for Jesus! So i like to compare it to Sodom and Gomorrah :) the people here are......real just kidding we get doors slammed in our face sooo much but its partly ok because at least i get to look at the ocean while it happens :) 

So this week we went over to a less actives house (this less active is a big latino lady) and tried to share the new easter video with her (the video is 2 minutes). She said that she didnt have time (which this is like the 10th time she has told us this). i get the vibe that she is basically trying to hide from us missionaries so therefore i keep wanting to go over to her house because its so funny to me to see what kind of excuse she makes us. So she goes on to tell us her excuse of why she cant watch a two minute video and its because she just got out of the hospital bla bla bla and needs to clean her house and bla bla bla and so us kind missionaries ask if we can help her clean her house and she hesitates and so i just walk on in and start helping her. haha bingo im in. Once we help her clean i know that we will be able to accomplish our goal of sharing this video with her. (im a very goal driven person so i was not going to leave without showing this to her) so we clean her nasty house and then she tell us she has to leave but she asks us if we need any bras. i think to myself "....ummm are you going to give me one of your bras because i know FOR SURE its not going to fit me...!" we dont even respond to the question and she brings out this huge bin of bras. She tells us that she use to sell bras and has a bunch extra. She opens the lid and i look at the size of these sling shots and start laughing out loud. (probably should not have laughed that was probably a little rude) but the size of these things were 32E and 34TRIPLE D! hahahaha heck no lady these are not going to fit me. and they are not going to fit my companion either! so moral of the story is that a lady tried to give me a bunch of bras for doing service for her. it was hilarious, but i still have not shown her that video.....-_-

Also yesterday me and Sister Moreno went to the dentist. It was so werid going to another dentist that was not my dad. their office was so bland and i 100 compared it to my dads office and Dad let me tell you your office is sooo great and feels like home to me! i will forever be grateful for it! But i just got x-rays and my companion had to get a root canal because she had a dead tooth that had an infection in it....yikes i felt bad for her. I will send pics:) but as weird as i felt at the dentist the best part was the music! The dentist had music playing, like normal music that you would hear on the radio and i WAS LOVING IT!!!!!!! I was like Sister Moreno you should get your teeth fixed more often. I got to listen to music for a straight hour and i was in HEAVEN! haha gotta love the mission rules right?

Also we went and saw this elderly lady who has dementia. SHe owns this HUGE beautiful house right on the beach and we walk in and this is how the conversation goes 
old lady "hello so tell me where you are from"
S.Moreno "im from the Philippines"
old lady "oh wow so how did you get here?"
S.moreno "...umm im on my mission here for 18 months..??"
old lady "and tell me where you are from"
me "i am from New Mexico" 
old lady "oh wow that is not too far from home for you!" 
me "nope not too far from home" 
old lady "great great jesus is great. But how about we talk about where you are from?"
S. Moreno "i am from the southern part of the Philippines"
old lady "so did the church bring you here to america or how did you get here?" 
S moreno "no i am serving my mission here in San Diego"
old lady "ohh ok well what about you where are you from?"
me- "i am from New Mexico"
old lady "oh isnt that nice, you are kinda close to home arent you?"
me "oh yeah so close to home here...?"
old lady "well i have lived here in San Diego my whole life. It has been such a great experience. I have loved the weather here so much. But do they have the beach where you are from? Why dont you tell me where you are from?" 

this was the extent of our conversation with her. It was soooo funny:) she is a hoot! i was so tempted to tell her a different place ever time she asked me where i was from. This made me think of Mom when she kept giving the old lady the phone book at the office when she asked for a dictionary! hahaha 

well this week has been really good! we found some really great investigators. Hopefully we will have some baptisms this transfer :) I really appreciated everyone's emails, yall did a fantastic job this week! A+!! i love you all so much and eagerly wait for your response!! 


Texas (thats what they call me at the MoBat) 
Sister Olivia Ann Price $$$$$$

Why Easter Eggs..?? Day 231

This week was knarley! (Yeah I don't know how to spell...been out of
school for too long) but to start off this week TRISTAN got to make a
grand appearance here in the big city of Sandy Eggo!! It was so fun!
Went to Jamba Juice just like old times at Weber State! As a
missionary you are stressed out 99 percent of the time which is soooo
great....-_- and it was such a stress relief to get to talk to
Tristan. I felt normal again! So thanks T for that:)
Also this week I decided I needed to have more fun, because I don't
want to look back at my mission and think "man that was so stressful I
would not want to do that again..." I want to enjoy the time I have
here, SOOO this week I cut my companions hair! Hahaha I cut like 4
inches off. But let me tell you it looks soooooo good!! I did a
straight up fantastic job if I do say so myself. So now all the MoBat
sister want me to cut their hair #HiddenTalent :)
Also this week the new Easter initiative video came out. Its the Hallelujah one.  It's a good
video, but personally I like the Christmas one better...but at the
MoBat we hang up a big banner and all kinds of stuff in honor of this
new video. We go all out! And the picture that is on all these banners and pass a
long cards is a famous pic of Christ. Annnddd I don't know if you have
seen it, but it looks like a Catholic picture of Christ. So we call
this Easter initiative Capture the Catholics!! Haha I think it's so
funny! We gunna baptized all the Catholics! But I don't want to hand
out those dang pass-a-long cards....
So when we go to our recent converts house we always pass by this
place that says "psychic" and I asked her if she had ever been there
cuz it looks pretty cool, and she said she thinks it's like some
undercover business because she never sees anyone there except for the
same cars. It sounds pretty sketch so I took a pic outside of it and I
always tease my comp that we are going to go there on p-day! Get to
the bottom of this undercover business.
Over all folks I enjoy being here in SD. It's knarley! I have a
brighter out look on my mission and I'm here to bring buckets of
salvation and to have fun! Cuz what's the point of doing something if
you are not going to enjoy it?
Stay safe everyone! Remember the real reason for Easter and not the
dumb bunny that brings eggs....(literally makes no sense..) :) haha my
Philippino comp asked me why we have Easter eggs and I was all "the
Easter bunny comes to your house and leaves you eggs.....wait a
minute....bunnies don't lay eggs....." So if you know why we Americans
do that, please shed some light to me, cuz idk?!?

I miss you all so much and cant wait for MAY! when i get to skype home! 
Wooo! Half way down almost...:)

i love you!! (missed your email this week kaylee...)

The One and holy 
Sister Price...:)


this week has seriously been soooooo amazing! So this entire transfer (past 6 weeks) the work has been really slow. We dont really have anyone to teach and i have been really discouraged about it, but still continue to work hard because "nothing bad ever came from a little hard work" -Tim Price 
i continue to work hard and be exactly obedient and pray because sooner or later we are going to find someone that wants to listen to us. This past sunday i fasted for people to baptize and HOLY COW MY PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED!!!!! this week we found 5 new investigators! 5! THAT IS SOOO MANY!!  That has never ever ever happened to me before! On sunday i got this phone call from a member that lives in Ramona and he said that he had been working with his friend to share the gospel with him and he has taken him to temple square and to the TiaJuana open house and he has been to BYU and he wants to know what makes mormon so different. He says that he sees something different about us and he wants to know what it is. He said that he has been searching for something in his life and thinks that The Church of Jesus Christ might be what he has been looking for....!!! we had a lesson with him yesterday, he is a famous businessman but the lesson was SO GREAT! the spirit was so strong as me and my companion bore strong witness of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and promised him that if he read it that he would come to the same conclusion! The next lesson that we are going to teach is the plan of salvation and i know he is going to love it! 

Something really cool about being on a mission is not only the fact that God answers my prayers, but i can feel the blessings of other peoples prayers. I know that my family and lots of friends and people all over the world pray for the missionaries, and i can really feel that their prayers are being answered. That God is helping me out in answer to their prayers! what a wonderful privilege i have to be here on a mission and to serve! 

So this week i learned in a conference talk "The First Great Commandment" october of 2012 written by my all time favorite apostle Jeffery R Holland, that we need to remain loyal to God at every stage of our life! There is never a time when we should think that we are too good to not obey the commandments. That we are too good to share the gospel. God gives us all of his love and we can receive the fulness of his promised blessings if we remain loyal and love God throughout all stages of our lives.  Just something to think about, are you doing all that you can to remain loyal to God and your savior Jesus Christ? 

This week we also had the COOLEST ZONE CONFERENCE!!! it was up in the mountains in Ramona and we went on this really cool hike. I will have to tell you all about it when i get home because i could write like a 10 page novel of all the cool things that happened at zone conference in the mountains. but i just want you all to know that the San Diego mission is truly the best! The district 2 was filmed here because it is the highest baptizing mission in the united states. (which i didnt know till this week) i am so blessed to be serving in such a wonderful place full of truly outstanding people! 

i love you all so much and miss you like crazy! i cant wait to talk to the fam on mothers day and I CANT BELIEVE FEEF IS DOING GOLF!!! WOOO! that is so cool! and way to go Kaylee for doing so well at the track meet! i really miss running with you! and hope that you had a happy birthday! best wishes to all of you and i pray for you all everyday! Know that i am working so hard out here in SD and cant wait to see you all in 10 months! 

Liv (Sister Price)

7 MONTHS!!!!!!!!!

Buenos tardes todos,

IM OFFICIALLY 7 months into my mission! wow....this is really the weirdest time of my life. It has flown by, but also gone so slow! only 2 more months till i get to skype my family again! wahhhh!:)

This week (yesterday) part of my tooth broke was super
weird. It was my back molar and now I have this huge hole in my tooth
and I'm scared to eat anything because I don't want to get food in it
and I dont want to get a cavity there because then ahhhh I would have
to go to the dentist and wouldn't be able to do missionary work. Not
going to lie I freaked out a little bit when part of my tooth fell
out. I immediately wanted to call Dad and ask what I should do, but as
you all know I can't do that. I'm a little scared to have another
dentist other then my dad work on my teeth.....I have been so spoiled
my whole life to have my dad as my dentist.
I hear Feef got so excited when she heard about my tooth because she
thought I was coming home to get my tooth fixed, but then got sad and
upset at the dumb rules of how I have to stay. :) that story broke my
heart!!!!!! Little (not so little) Feef just know that if I could come
I would in a second because I miss you that much!!:)

On my mission I have been fed spaghetti WAY too much!!!!! And a couple
days ago I said I would throw up the next time a member fed me
spaghetti and then the next day for lunch guess what we
had.......spaghetti...-_-. I never want to eat spaghetti ever again.
. I get fed SOOOO much!! Literally thanksgiving everyday! Therefore I am fat.....just
expect that when I come home. Hahaha I have just embraced it at this
point. But i am grateful that i am being fed and not having to starve:) i do count my blessings!

So people always say "dont you just love your mission!" 
and in my head i think "that is like asking me if i liked going to track practice!"
No one likes to go to track practice because it is so tiring and completely exhausting
but we do it because we like to win in track meets!:) and thats the same for the mission. 
Most of the time here on the mission you are completely exhausted and tired. 
You dont fit in and all you can talk about is the gospel. You miss your family, friends, music and
wearing normal clothes.. 
and you are constantly doing things that you dont want to do, BUT its all worth it when you get to baptize someone:) Dont get me wrong though there were some days that i really enjoyed track practice. When we had water balloon fights and worked hand offs. and that is just like the mission. 
There are some days that are really fun:) i would have to say more then there were fun days 
in track. But what i have learned from it all is to always find the good in every situation. 
No matter how tired you are, how awkward you feel, how much your companion hates you, 
you just need to laugh and find something to be happy about! Im my case i think of how the situation could be worse and then i am grateful for what i have been given at that very moment:) 

Also i forgot to mention last week i saw Amy and Lauren Allison at the temple, they put a pic of facebook and it was so cool! one of the many great things about being here in San Diego is that
i am going to see SO many people that i know from other places and i just love it! (sorry Tyson Bakerfield is not as much as a vacation spot as San Diego!;) 

Ohhh and every should read the conference talk "Approaching the Throne of God with Confidence" ITS SOOO GOOD!! Kaylee Tori and Sophia if you ever have to give a talk in church or talk about spiritual stuff you should really read this talk for help! it is sooooo good!:) you should all read it in family home evening! 

I love you all so much and miss you like crazyyyyyy! wish me luck in getting my tooth fixed....-_-

Sister Olivia Price 

Peter got baptized!!!


so this week was really interesting! we do this thing in the mission called MTE's (missionary training experience) and its were we have training from our mission president for half a day, then we switch companions for the rest fo the day and then the next day we get more training from our mission president. They are not my favorite things, but thats ok because we do them every 3 months. and i was so lucky to get a companion that speaks mandarin for the rest of Wednesday i went and taught people in chinese. Now i know what you are all thinking where in the world did i learn chinese. to answer that question i didnt. i had NO IDEA WHAT WAS GOING ON!!!!!! haha its was so weird because all the people that the mandarins teach are college students and we went and taught then at UCSD. It was so werid to be on a college campus again and i could just imagine how weird it would be if i was in college and saw the missionaries teaching some kid in the library....yup that would be me. so it was a really weird experience and i learned a little bit of mandarin. 

Also i went on exchanges with my trainer and first companion Sister Stirland! it was so great!! she is literally the best missionary ever and i love her to death! we are much better friend now that we are out of training and i know what to do!:) so it was really nice to get to spend the day with her and to actually have someone to talk to because my companion never talks to really working with her on it. 

Anyway my firend Peter Rej got baptized this week!! woo! Baptism number four! so exciting! i cant believe that Februrary is almost over.... this is so weird. Before you know it i am going to be home again! wahh! seven months has flown by, well some parts of it have. but anyway im going great! just trying to make all the battalion sisters my best friends because i have to hang out with them so dang often! 

and i hope you all read my email about what i learned this week! it was pretty dang cool:) God is good! 

i love you all so much and send lots of love from San Diego!!! 

enjoy the pics and videos and i missed an email from Kaylee this week...:(

Sister Price

Day 203

i have almost made it to 7 months!! i thought for sure i would have gone home by now! lol still going strong so that is a straight miracle!;) 

I sent you all a really long email about the spiritual experience that i had this week and i hope you will all read it with care and feel the spirit as you read it because that came right from my heart. And i know my family is not a very spiritual family.....(dont try to deny it y'all need lots more of Jesus!) so please family read that email with an open heart. Read it so you can to a small extent understand how hard this is for me. ok? 

On that note since i know how much my family loves hearing about my spiritual experiences (not at all they probably hate it...-_-) i will instead talk about all the cool people that i met this week. So this week i ate at this members house and his name is Russel Phill and he FILMED THE SHOW SURVIVOR!!!! He is soo cool and has a house right on the coast so outside his window he has a great view of the city and the ocean. The best part was that he fed us a nice steak dinner! A STEAK DINNER!!!!! he knows how to treat the missionaries! His wife is a dentist so she is literally Dr. Phill! haha how cool is that! He had some cool stories to share with us and let us bring all the extra food home! so i had steak dinner 2 nights in a row! Wooo! i literally have the best mission in the whole world! 
Then last night i ate at the Sandfords home, he is in the bishopric and he is soooo funny! He is the one that send a pic to Mom:) the first question that he asks me and my companion when we sit down to eat is "Soooo did you leave any boyfriends at home..??" 
lol who says that?  But he is my favorite person in the ward so far because i feel so at home with him and his family. His wife is so nice and cooks amazing food! If i could i would just spend my days at the members homes and not go find new investigators because the members are so fun to hang out with!;) i am one lucky missionary. Last night we went to go to a part members house and we drive up to the house and my mouth drops to the floor. This is probably a 10 million dollar house. IT WAS HUGE!!!! on the coast witha view of the city and had a huge double wide metal fence with stairs leading up to it. It had huge hedges and then you walk up to the house and there is a massive fountain that you could bathe in, then you keep walking and you walk right past this MASSIVE pool with a diving board and umbrellas and chairs all around it. wahhh it was so amazing. but no one answered...but dont worry because i will be going back to it! haha 

So yeah this week as full of great moments and really really terrible ones. But the weather is perfect here in SD and i am so blessed to be here. Pray that we will be able to find new investigaros and have less rejection (although i think thats bound to happen) but anyway i love you all so much and hope you have a great week. Please email me about the spiritual experience that you have this week because i want to know!:) tell me things that you learned, your goals, things you learned from the scriptures and so forth. 

ok family?? do i need to say this again EMAIL ME THE THINGS YOU LEARNED< SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCES YOU HAVE!!!!!!! ok?? SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCES YOU HAVE!! i say this because i tell y'all to read different conference talks and read certain things and tell me how it goes and no one ever does....-_- i want to know the feelings of your heart and what you are thinking about. Not so much the tedious things that you did during the week!:) ok? have i made myself clear family?? step up the game with spiritual experiences! 

^^^^^^^^this does not apply to grandma and grandpa Nikole or Tristan. :)

i love you all so much! even though i called you all to repentance in this email!;) i really do love you and miss you SOOOO much every single day! cant wait to hear all the spiritual experience you have this week! 


Sister Olivia Price 

Coronado Island

The new area that i am in is SOOOO amazing!!! it is literally a vacation spot! I see the ocean all the time when i go into my area and i actually feel like i am in California compared to serving in Linda Vista. There are all kinds of cute little shops and super nice houses! OH MY GOSH THE HOUSES ARE SO NICE in Point Loma and Ocean Beach! Look it up online and you will see how spoiled i am! this is literally the best area in the entire mission. I even get to go to Coronado Island. AN ISLAND!!!! also look that up because it is way cool! (Sorry Tyson i will show you pics of it when i get home) So i love the ward i get to serve in and the area, its so nice and when people ask my how i got so lucky to serve in this area i tell them its because i suffered and lived in Roswell for so long! lol:) 6th ward is not so ghetto as Linda Vista is. Random people in LV would tell us that we should not walk around at night because there are sketchy people on the streets and that the LVC (Linda Vista Crips) would find us (thats the gang in Linda Vista that legit kill people) but i wasnt scared because im from Roswell and if you can make it there i think i can make it in Linda Vista.  

So my last comp always had sooo much energy and it was slightly exhuating, but now the new companion that i have never talks to me......its literally silent for most of the day that i am with her......not use to that. But she is super nice when she does talk to me. She speaks 3 languages and sadly english is not her favorite. So she tires all the time to not speak in english so yeah its going to be great. 

Ohhhh and ASIA got baptized this week!!!! WOOOOO!!!! i will send you pics of it! it was a great baptism because someone brought like a million boxes of fresh donuts!!! i was in heaven! 

Anyway lots of rejection this week, so that was nice and the investigator we had with a baptismal date dropped that was heart breaking. Rejection really builds character i will tell you that. It makes you appreciate the battalion so much because no one can reject you there. :) 

Anyway the weather is PERFECT here in SD and i am not looking forward for when it gets hot again. That is going to not be fun. 

i love you all and hope you have a great week!! 


Sister Price


i just want to start off by saying 

I love you so much and i am sending you a very nice letter!:) because i dont have any money to buy you a gift but i send my love to you on this very special day of yours! i hope you get everything that you want and more! 
Also i want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to TYSON THE BEST BROTHER IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD!!!!!!! i got your Christmas present and it was the best! That flash drive is straight FIRE!!!! me and my companion made a video of us saying thank you but its too long to send so i will have to figure out a way to show you it! But seriously that was the most thoughtful gift ever and i appreciate all the hours you spend downloading music to it. I know time is a very precious thing here on a mission and i love it sooo much so thank you!:):):):) 

Some other big new, today were tranfers and i left the Linda Vista 1st ward and i am now in the San Diego 6th ward! WOOO ( i totally predicted it) and my companion is Sister Moreno and she is from the Philippines. She is so nice and i am so excited to be her companion and work with her in the 6th ward. 6th ward is one of the higest baptizing areas here in SD so i am pretty stoked about that!!:D Speaking of baptisms this saturday me and sister sorenson worked OUR BUTTS off and now 3 of our investigators are being baptized!! woooo! i have worked with this family my ENTIRE mission and it is so amazing to see the changes that they have made in their life to be baptized! So next week i will send pics of that!  

This week it has been bitter cold here in SD. Its been the coldest it has ever been, probably because the wind is blowing and the wind reminds me of roswell. lol speaking of roswell do you know how many alien jokes i get in one day.....???? i wish i had as many baptisms as i did alien jokes. So i contemplate telling people i am from a different place every time that they ask. So being here in Cali you see and hear lots of strange things. and the recent policy change in the church has brought a lot of uproar here in San Diego. So thats something i have to deal with as a missionary and its so annoying......i really dont care one bit about it. Like i have a million other things to think about than this and i feel like it is constantly being brought up...blaaa. All i have to say about it is that it came from a prophet of God. Prophets are called by God. Its as if God came down to the Earth and told us all himself. And i am pretty sure if he did that we would all be ok with it. So whats the big deal. (i know if i said this at home Dad would find some way to debate with me about it and make me see the big picture haha but thats how i feel) 

Anyway i love you all so much and hope that you are having a great day! 

Your Favorite Sister Missionary in San Diego 


This week Elder Holland came to my church for a meeting and it was cool even though i didnt get to see him. Also shout out to all the missionaries that have seen the district! Elder Moreno from the district served in my area, that or i am serving in his area so that was pretty cool!:) Also this week i prayed for chicken salad sandwiches and boom i got them twice this week! THE LORD ANSWERS YOUR PRAYERS!!!:D 

So i had a traumatic expereince this week. The zone leaders told us that the wanted us to go to this service project for this potential investigator and so i was super excited to go. They said we were going to pick weeds and move heavy boxes. Doesnt sound too bad right? Well WRONG!! i should have known better! This lady was a straight up hoarder!!! she had 6 years of stuff just piled up in her yard and wanted us to move it all. Not throw it away, just move it to another part of her yard...... welll so first i was picking weeds (Dad you would have been so proud of me;) and as i was picking these nasty weeds my hand touches something. I look at what it was and AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! A HUUGE STACK OF DOG POOP!!!!!!! yep my hand just went right into the middle of that! and then i realized that all the weeds had little piles of dog poop in them. And i was not wearing gloves. UGHHHH it was so nasty! As we were cleaning this ladys yard we legit found a dead animal in it! i will try to send a pic of it! hahaha it was the nastiest thing ever! why do people always ask the missionaries to move all the nasty hoarders crap! NO! Then after that we went to this ladies house and she fed us the best lunch so it made up for it:) 

So this week i found out how to make mac-and-cheese in the microwave because its all the food that i have that was exciting! The weather here in San Diego is soooo nice!:) i am so blessed to have such a great mission call! Also this next week is transfers and i think that i am going to be leaving my area. I have been in the Linda Vista 1st ward for 6 months so i have a feeling that i am going to be leaving....:( sad because i love my area! we also have a family of 6 that is sooo close to being baptized!!!

Well i have to make this short because i only have half of my P-day to do everything because they made us work at the battalion because you know missionaries we are just servants...-_- but really. Being a missionary is the weirdest thing in the world. 

Anyway i love you! Hope you have a better week than me! not having to touch dog turds with your bare hands!:)


Olivia Ann Price (your favorite sister missionary)

Vi una columna de luz!

 today is my companions birthday and i did some pretty cool things for her if i do say so myself!;) i got members of our ward to send me videos of them and their family saying happy birthday and i put them all together and gave that to her as a birthday present! it was pretty sweet!:) also i am surprising her and taking her to La Jolla Cove today and some of our investigators are going to be there to celebrate her birthday with us! i also made her breakfast! so its been a good P-day so far!

So being a missionary we do  not have our own washer and dryer so we go to this laundry mat to do it and ughhhhh it is the nastiest thing ever! there are so many hobos and homeless people that live here in sandiego and i feel like every single one of them do their laundry at this place. It always smells super gross and the washers and dryers always have mystery idems in i really question if my clothes even get clean.....ugh it is seriously so nasty! im trying to find a members that would let us do our laundry at their house so i can save myself from mystery idems in the washer. one time i didnt check for mystery idems and i take my clothes out of the washer and they are covered in CAT HAIR!!!!!!! ewwwww! and i dont have enough time to put them in the washer again so i just had to dry them.....that was a great weeek where all my clothes had cat hair on them. The other week i put my clothes in the washer and it had this syrup goop on the i found big chunks of who knows what......why are homeless people so nasty? 

I have come to the conclusion that being a missionary is basically terrible 98 percent of the time. Its not the best 2 years of your life, its the best 2 months of your life because if you add up all the great moments and throw out all the crappy ones it about equals 2 months:) but im just doing what the Lords asks and "enduring to the end" hahaha ok i make it sound so much worse than it actually is, but really i cant wait to do my laundry in clean washers and driers!  

The directors of the MoBat left and we got new ones this week and they are SOOO awresome! Their names are the Woods and he use to be a mission president in Louisiana so i feel like the MoBat is going to be in tip top shape When the lasst directors (the Barnes) were having their farewell me and sister sorenson rapped for them! she wrote the "Mo Bat Rap" and we preformed it with the Barnes and i will send you a video! hahaha it is so funny! 

Also Tyson the zone leaders that you were with one of them has a friend that is serving here in San Diego  his name is Elder Yazzie and he came up to me and our conversation went like this 
"Hey do you have a brother?"
"Yes i do"
"Is he on a mission"
"Is he is bakerfield?"
"he was companions shortly with my friend!"
i cant remember his name, it was like elder B-something? so that was pretty cool!

Also the SD mission has a goal of baptizing 1000 people this year (we baptized 512 this last year) and so we are suppose to invite one person everyday to be baptized. And i am proud to say that i have successfully done that! and because of that we have 7 investigators with a baptismal date!!!! wooo! i love the Linda Vista 1st area that i am in! i have been in it for my entire mission and transfers are on Dads birthday and i just know that i am going to get transferes....:( i dont want to leave! But i know that what God has in store for me is going to be great! 

I love you all so much and hope that you have a great week!! i love all the emails and pics that you send! Keep reading your scriptures and praying because if you do that God will for sure bless you! there is no doubt about that! it is a promise! that if you do what God has commanded you HE WILL ALWAYS POUR OUT HIS BLESSINGS!!! and i dont know about you, but i definitely want to be blessed by God! and i want every single one of you to be blessed as well, so go to church, keep the sabbath day holy, read and pray often, speak kind words to everyone, listen to the prompting of the holy ghost, and serve!:) i promise that as you do these things you will see a difference in your life and you will be able to bless the lives of the people around you!! i Love you all so much and look forward to hearing from you next week!!!

Sister Olivia Ann Price