California San Diego Mission

California San Diego Mission

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Day 56

Flowers grow everywhere her in SD

Coronado beach

Downtown SD

Downtown San Diego

Riding the trolley

Feels like Roswell at times

Spider bites

Spider bites

Spider bites

Spider bits day 1

Spider Woman

My Dearest Loved-ones

I just want to start off by saying how thankful I am that all of you email me! it really makes my day and I know I only have limited amount of time to reply but I love love love hearing from you!!:) so don't stop!!! I think about y'all all the time and always wonder what you are doing!:)
So this week has been so super crazy! Well to start off this week has been one of the hottest weeks here in San Diego. It got up to 100 degrees and I was absolutely miserable!!! I was sweating all the days!! Morning and night and I thought I was on the verge of death! Well let me tell you a little story,

Once upon a time there was a missionary and she was sleeping and in her sleep two different spiders crawled in her bed and bit her on the inside of both ankles. She didn't know that they were spider bites she just thought that they were mosquito bites. Well her bites grew bigger and her feet swelled up and then her bites started turning black and she needed to go to the doctors.

Yep that's what happened to me this week. All this week I had a fever of 102.4 and I didn't know about it, I thought that I was just hot because of the weather. I had all kinds of symptoms and I had these nasty huge spider bites on my ankles. They were so painful when I walked and they kept getting bigger and turning colors so we went to the doctors. He gave me some pills and some cream and I took Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to recover from my fever and all the other things that were going on with my body. It was honestly the worst. The hardest thing about being a missionary is that when you are sick there is nothing that you can do about it. No one to take care of you, no one to make you feel better and you cant not even go to the doctors without permission. Its so annoying!!!!! But I am all better from my fever! Seriously doing missionary work with a fever is the worst thing ever and I am so glad that I feel better!! I am just waiting for my spider women powers to kick in;)

So mom and dad this is for you, I am so mad because I thought that I had to use my own money for food and stuff like that and to do my laundry and that is why I had been using so much of it and then I asked another sister and she told me that I can use the money they give us and so I wont be using any more of my money now that I know I can use my other money! except today, today we are going bowling.....I don't want to go but whatever I am forced so I will be using my money for that.  But yeah oh and I used 20 dollars for my pills so I mean if you would like to put 20 dollars on my card for that it would be much appreciated:)

so this last pday last Tuesday we took a trolley ride that goes all over San Diego and IT WAS THE COOLEST THING EVER!!!! I loved it! missionaries get to ride it for free! and I will send you pictures of it from my iPad! I took some really good ones! and I am hoping that you can get my videos because they are pretty awesome as well!:)

Dear Tyson,
remember when you were training...
yep that me right now...-_-
Love, Liv

OK so no a lot happened this week because I spend most of it in my apartment sick, but when you have a fever everyone wants to bring you ice cream and that was so awesome! All the sisters at the battalion are the best! they took care of me! they will literally give you the shirt off of their back if you asked for it <3 I love being a battalion sister so much!! we have the most fun! and  Sister Barnes she is the wife of the president over the Mormon battalion, she loves me so much! she calls me Texas and I am the only person she has a nickname for! ah its the cutest! when she saw that I was sick she says"awww Texas is sick...:(" its so cute so now everyone calls me Texas...even though that's not where I am from!

Well I will send love of pics and videos so look forward to those!!

I love all of you!!!! SEND ME LETTERS!!!!!!:D
-Sister Olivia Ann Price (Texas)

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Me and Sister stir land going to some place that I don't remember:)
gotta love the iPads

Olivia and the Mission President and Sister Mission President

Day 42

Hello Everyone!!!! 

OK just to start off what in the heck are grandmas and grandpas email??? i keep meaning to send them my emails but i don't know what it is? so if yall could hook that up it would be real nice for sure:) So to start of my email i am going to talk about the food i ate this week. On Tuesday it was one of the Mandarin sisters birther (sister Wong) who is the funniest asian i have ever met! she likes to "bully" my companion and i think she does that because my companion is the only person shorter than her! lol well we went on got sushi for her birthday(typical) and we went to this place and it was sushi happy hour and so i got 2 rolls of sushi and IT WAS THE BEST SUSHI I HAVE EVER HAD!!!!! i crave it every single day! and it was only 4 dollars for a roll of sushi which is really cheap! And on Wednesday this less-active man names Thomas took us out to eat at Mimi's cafe. I was all ....really Mimi's the last time i went here Tori threw up in the bathroom but yeah we went there and i got this past with cheese sauce and it was all good. He had some nice stories to tell us. He said the reason they he doesn't come to church is because he is just lazy....seriously dude! But he paid for our meals which was nice and i could not eat all my food so i put it in a to-go box and was holding it against my body waiting for my companion and the cheese sauce spilled all down the front of me.....and we had 2 more appointments to go i smelled like cheese sauce and looked ratchet. I will attach a pic. On Thursday we had lunch at a members house. Her name is sister Kondor. I knew i loved this lady the minute i talked to her on the phone! she is so awesome! She lives in SUCH A NICE HOUSE and she fed us some really really really good food! and she didn't over feed us so that was really nice as well:) she has the cutest stories about how she converted her husband to the church and she is older and likes to go ball room dancing and do water aerobics and she does so much missionary work!!! Gosh i love this lady so much!!! and a cool thing is that there is a San Diego Chargers player that is in our ward and him and his family live right next door to her!!! AND THEY INVITED US OVER FOR DINNER SO I AM SO EXCITED!!!! I get to have dinner with a famous football player! No big deal!! Then on Friday this lady in our ward had us over for dinner her name is Sister Evilsizor and she is a recent convert to the church and she has such a small little home and is the only parent that works and has 2 cute children. She is such a nice lady and made us some really good steak and veggies and bread!! mmmm it was good! so yeah no worries about food! we get fed! I lo ve meeting the members of our ward, especially when they feed us:)

So just a few things before i forget! Mom Dad someone, can you see how much money is on my debit card and tell me?  And if you want to send me something i would recommend the "Nashville Tribute Band" CD! Oh its my absolute favorite!!! So if you want to send me that one day i would be eternally grateful!:) also here are some ideas of things that you can send me, you don't have to, but here are just some ideas, sticky notes, stickers, envelopes (the long ones) drawings that i can hang up in my apartment, and pictures of your life, just little things like that:);) Oh and i just want to say a BIG THANK YOU for all of you that pay your tithing!!! Missionaries are able to buy groceries because people pay their tithing!!:) Oh and before i forget every week can you send me a spiritual or uplifting quote and a joke??? I love quotes and jokes:) i would so appreciate if you could do that:) and another big thank you (sorry i am all over the place with this email) to everyone that sent me things at the MTC! Especially Karen and Grandma Price!!! Your kind thoughts made my day do thank you sooo so so much for that!!:) 

Alright back to what is happening here in San Diego! Well ok so our apartment is a bit jersey and my companion always says how much she loves it! she just loves our apartment because it has "air conditioning"....HAHAok let me be the first one to say that WE NEVER USE IT!!! she says it "costs the church too much money"....-_- i get really angry when she says that because i am literally dripping sweat all the time. Our apartment is about 85 degrees with humidity. and it smells weird. Its like living inside of a mouth. So everyday is a bad hair day and i constantly feel sticky. its terrible. Everyday when i get into the shower i turn it on FULL BLAST COLD!!!!! No hot water at all. It is really a struggle and i cant wait for it to get cold!!! or colder that is cus it never gets cold here. And when people asked me how I'm adjusting to living here i tell them that i have a hard time with the humidity and they say "what humidity? its not humid here" HAHAHA....good one...-_- you have obviously never lived in New Mexico dingus! I miss the dry weather! And ok so this last past Sunday was fast Sunday and we fasted for 2 meals and when i don't eat i am usually very tired. I was so tired all day! i fell asleep in church and just had no motivation to be a missionary because i just could not focus and because i was soo dehydrated and hot from sweating all day because we were out tracting. Well we were going to our dinner appointment and my companion really wants me  to get better at street contacting (that going up to random people on the street and talking to them and then somehow inviting them to hear the gospel) and so it was 5:00 and i am FAMISHED! like I'm literally about to pass out because of how hungry i am. I have not had water all day and we have been going going going all day and i just need some food. We are going up to the apartment of our dinner persons house and my companions sees some people and she goes "ok here is your change! talk to them!" again HAHAHA.....yeah not happening right not! I'm literally about to fall over cuz i am so hungry. Literally i couldn't feel my feet and i was sweating so bad, and i looked at her and said no. She doesn't like when i tell her no, so she goes up and talks to them. Oh I'm on my death bed at this point. Finally she gets done talking to them and we can go into this members house where it is cold and air conditioned and eat. Then i was all better after that! So fast Sunday is really a struggle!! 

Well thank you so much for all the emails!! I love hearing what is going on in your life! Sorry but i have limited time to email because my companion just wants to GO Go GO GO! but i love all of you! Cant wait to hear from you next week!! Dad sounds like everything is going well for you! I miss running with you every morning! Mom- you life is tragic, as always;) but it makes for good stories at the Mo Bat! Kaylee, your lost without me;) just sounds like you are being the best older sister possible! Tori- i didn't hear from you this week or last week....:( sad Yibby! But i hope you are rocking it at VBALL!! and Feef- sounds like life is going well for you! Killing the court at BMS!!! thats what i like to hear!:) and thank you so much for your letter last week! it made my day!!!!<3 Give princess a big kiss on the head for me!! i miss all of you and cant wait to talk to you at Christmas!!:) i will send some pics!!:)

Sister Price$$ 
Dear Family, 

Soooo so so good to hear from you all! sounds like everyone is having fun and doing well, well maybe except for mother;) so this week has been good. I am getting more familiar with this missionary life. Seriously the hardest thing about being a missionary is staying awake for me. I am SOOOO tired all the time its not even funny. I start to fall asleep when people talk to me! So pray that i can stay awake! So every morning we have to exercise for 30 minutes from 6:30-7 and we are required to run monday wednesday and friday and we can do whatever we want for the other days of the week so of course i was super excited that i get to run!!! well the Lord wants me to learn patience or something similar to that so he gave me a companion that has legs 2 inches long:) and so we run at a nice slow pace:) i dont even sweat:) so yeah but i am really glad that i get to run!! and then on the others days on tuesday and thursday i lead ALL the sister missionaries in workouts! lol we do abs and legs and all kinds of stuff and they love it! Even though most of them cant even do half of the exercises they love being sore the next day which makes me happy:) So all the sisters think that i am the work out queen and that i am so in shape and TBH i am soooo out of shape i just wonder what they would say if i was actually in shape and we were to work out! lol and so when we run every morning we run to Sea World! How cool right!:) and the mornings are always the coolest temperature so its a good time to work out! 

Ok so here is my rant about the one thing i HATE about San Diego!! ONE- there is never any parking.....literally anywhere you go there is never anywhere to park! Two- our new jersey apartments are like living inside of a mouth. Its hot and humid and smells weird. I take a shower at night and when i wake up in the morning only half of my hair is dry. EHHHHH what is this place! i dont like it! and since its nice and humid my acne is taking over my life! NOOOOO!!!.....-_- and did i mention that we have no AC in our apartment so i sweat myself to sleep everynight:) the joys of being a missionary! Also if you leave the top of the cereal open your cereal will go nasty in 2 seconds! yes i learned that the hard way! So i have a mission for Kaylee or Mom or someone! PLZ find something on the internet that will help get ride of acne in the humid weather! Anything i am desperate!:) Ohh and also Congrats Mom and Dad for being married for so long! yall are so adorable and i love the nasty picture of you two kissing:) dont ever send that again haha 

So i hear Bailee is in Chile! Does anyone know how that is going! haha i would love to hear stories about that! And 

Dear Tyson, 
Ipads are awesome! Makes using the areabook 10 times easier and we have two baptisms this week!! SOOO PUMPED!! BUCKETS!!!!:D that what we call baptisms lol 
Love Olivia! 

So Dad i just want to tell you that you were right about the people here in California! They are all soo crazy! they all need the gospel! even the members! So we have a lot of work to do here in San Diego! So i am going to start of by telling you about the two people that we are going to be baptizing this week! Their names are Marcus and Daniela! they are the sweetest people! they just got mariried last week so they are finially living the law of chastity and they are soo so so rady to be baptised! i can see it in their eyes! they love the gospel and Daniela just got her gal bladder taken out this past weekend so we went and saw her in the Hospital. They tell us all the good mexican places to eat here in san diego:) and Marcus loves us so much that he always wants to gives us hugs when we leave and gets really sad when we tell him that we cant hug him lol! They are 19 and 20 and i am so excited for their baptism!!:) so yeah that the exciting thing for this week! 

So there is this elderly/sernior companion at the Mo Bat (mormon Battalion) and their name is the sinclairs! Elder SInclair reminds me of grandpa because he is kinds a cowboy! Yestreday he walked past me and said "if we get 100 people in here today ill let you kiss my gritz!" and i just started dyinggggg laughing because it reminded me of when grandpa would say to Elly "Elly May come do the dishes" and elly would say "Grandpa kiss my gritz!" ahahahahahahahah it was so funny! 

And the awkward moment of the week is we went to teach this investigator and his door was open, but his screen door was shut and we didnt see anyone in the house. We knock and then his cat comes to the door hissing at us!! and you know how i love i start hissing at it back! and it hisses at me again and then i show my companion how good i am at meowing at cats so i start making these weird cat noises, then we hear someone say "Hello...?" and our investigator was inside right next to the door listening the whole time!!!! AHHHH it was so embarrassing!!  so yeah thats the life of a missionary! 

Love all the emails!! i get to read them all during the week and Kaylee i LOVE the pictures! i screen shot them and save them on my ipad so i can see you and tori and feef everyday!:)<3 I miss you all so much! I wish that you all could experience what i am experienceing :) ohhh and another favor for FHE read the conference talk "Choose to Believe" it is soooo so so amazing!!:) dont forget!! i LOVE you all!!! big hugs and kisses for everyone! 

Hermana Price$$$ ;)

Hello Family! man so much has happened this week! and not enough time to tell you all about it! First off i arrived here in Sandy Eggo just fine! The weather is great here but man its humid...and it sucks. i am not use to this and my hair will forever be frizzy on my mission...-_- and my skin is breaking out super bad becasue it is not super dry all the time, but other than that i would have to say the Cali is treating my well. When we got here on tuesday we went to the mission home and ate some delicious food and i took a nice nap! which is so nice because being amissionary you never get enough sleep....thats the other thing that i dont like, how i am always so tired all the time. I am literally so tired all the time that people will be talking to me and i will be nodding off. But its going to be like that for the next 18 months because you cant sleep in on your anyway lets talk about the positive here! I got my new companion and her name is Sister Sarah Stirland!!!!! AND I LOVE HERRRRRRR!!!! she is seriously sooo amazing! we get along so well! God really heard all my prayers  and gave me such an amazing trainer! I will try to send you a picture of her!!:) so the Battalion, we work there everyday, including sunday...which i dont like but what can ya do right? and we have to memorize this ten page script for the tours and i did it in 3 days which i am really proud of! i was the first new sister to do that:) do i give solo tours now and it is just awesome! you all need to come to the battalion one day so that i can give you a tour, but you cant come while i am on my mission, maybe after the mission you all can come to san diego and i can give you an awesome tour and show you the things that i have been doing!:) so the Mo Bat (mormon battalion) is in Old town sand diego and IT ALWAYS SMELLS SOOOOO GOOD!!!!!! seriously it always smells like the best mexican food and i love it! i love the battalion! our appartments are right next door to the  Mo bat so we walk there everyday, but let me tell you our apartments are a bit new jersey.....and they dont have air i am literally on fire the whole time i sleep and get yeah pray for the cold weather here in SD! So once a week we work at the temple and i love it! it was so much fun this week! we gave away 5 book of mormons and i asked someone to be baptized and THEY SAID YES!!!!!! Wooo speaking of baptism not this week but next week me and sister stirland are baptizing 2 people so woooo!! and we have a couple of other people that are really close to being baptized too! Sooo exciting!:) i love being a missionary, but yesterday was a real test of my faith. We had a terrible day yesterday....everything that could go wrong, went wrong and so we wanted to go get ice cream to make our day better, but Sis Stirland was so stressed that we were not doing misisonary work that we only had 4 minutes to eat our ice cream and then we had to go street contacting.....0_0 so yeah this is an adjustment for sure. But other than that everything is going well! thank you so much for all the prays! they are really needed and sounds like everything is going well at home!:) i wish i could have gone to EB lake that sounds like it was a lot of fun! And i am so excited for Tori and Feef and their awesome VBall skills! I taught yall well;) and Kaylee i hope you like all the letter i wrote and hide for you;) Dad i love your emails and i miss running with you! Mom thank you soooo much for sending me food and a letter with my bedding! it made my day!!:) i love you all sooooooo much and i have a limited time on the computer but i did read all of your emails because they gave us ipads and i can read emails when you send them to me, but i can only reply on tuesday...:( so keep sending me emails cuz i can read them! Send me some letters too!;) ohhhhhhh and i forgot one think the bishop im my wark im in the LInda Vista 1st ward is a body builder and a lawyer and plays the organ in sacrament and we sing literally 7 songs in joke! and he plays them super fast so that we will have time for the rest of the speakers.....its the craziest thing! But yeah thats my life right now! i run to sea world every day! which that is cool!:) 


Sista Price$$$$