California San Diego Mission

California San Diego Mission

Sunday, November 13, 2016


i just want to start off by saying that this week was awesome!! i just love being an a mission...ok i never thought i would say that...and i never thought that i would be on a mission for 11 months...i for sure thought that i would go home after 7 months, so i congratulate myself for this big accomplishment:) #GoMe 

This week i learned how to make miracles happen! No joke it was the coolest experience of my entire life and i am going to share with all of you what happened, so sorry for the long novel drawn out story, but it just makes the most sense when you know all the details. 

Ok so me and Sister Patterson are teaching this family (a family of 7, they are refugees from the Congo. They are so prepared, but one problem. They dont speak english. So we have searched long and wide to find someone in this huge city that speaks swahili and can translate for us. A couple of weeks ago our prayers were answered and our mission presidents wife found a man that speaks swahili and english and is a member of the church. 

So we have a lesson with him, he is this really old man that just got back from Africa and apperently has malaria.....(BTW malaria is something that we talk all about in the MoBat tour and ahhh its something that i definitely do not want.....) so anyway we get in the lesson and he is suppose to translate for us. We are so excited! This percious family is finally going to progress and learn more about the gospel!! Woooo!!....wrong.....the swahili guy only talks to them in swahili and doesnt say anything in we have no idea what is going on. He does this for an entire hour, so we have to leave for our next appointment. So that was a total bust. 

On sunday we are talking to our ward mission leader about this guy (the Swahili guy) and he tells us that he knows him. way cool right? nope....He says with 100 percent asurity that the guy that we got to our lesson is a polygamist. He has 8 wives in Africa and 2 here in America and between the 10 wife's he has 100 lie.......i know that sounds totally made up. But we were horrified when we hear about that, hahaha a polygamist what are the odds. 

Anyway so this is the real miracle here. (its not a miracle that we got a man with 10 wives to our lesson) Our mission president specially invited this Congo family to his stake conference where Elder Dube from the 70 was speaking. He wanted them to go because Elder Dube is from Zimbabwe and speaks Swahili and would be able to talk to our Congo family. So we do everything we possible can to get this family to this stake conference. We get them a ride, a babysitter for all of their children, we get a transator, and even have their seats reserved. Its going to be such a great experience for this family! We have done all that we can to get them to this meeting. 

The babysitter that is suppose to watch their kids calls us and says that they are not home. WHAT!! NOT HOME?? so we give them a call, ok i probably called them about 10 times and they did not answer, so we go over to their house. No one is home. We wait, and no one is home. We pray like crazy. Nothing happens. 

ps- this was the day after i got my plantars wart removed and i can barley walk, and there is never any parking in San Diego so i have to walk a million miles to get to their house, and i have to do it at the slowest pace possible, because i have this huge nasty scabby friend on the exact bottom of my foot. fun right? 

Anyway so we dont end up going to stake conference and Me and Sister Patty are soooo upset. Im a little furious about this because we tried so so hard to get them to go. I dont understand how they could have forgot? We reminded them sooo many times aobut this..ugggg.  So we think that maybe we are suppose to go see some referrals. Once again no one is home and our day was pretty sucky, not the best day ever. 

We are pretty discouraged about how the whole stake conference has turned out, but we dont lose faith. We know that there is something good that is going to come from this. So on sunday night we decide to just stop by the Congo families house to see if they are home. We called them another million times and they still have not we stop by and to our surprise they are home!! Wooo, so we go in and just check up and see that happened, why they some how developed amnesia and forgot about stake conference and why they have been ignoring us for the last 3 days. We find out that they went to LA with some of their friends from Africa and then they continue to tell us that they watched Joseph Smith a Prophet of the Restoration. (the hour long video) they recap the whole movie and tell us how much they understood it. Which is a straight miracle because the whole movie is in English, a language that they barley understand. But somehow they understood this movie and LOVED IT!!! they told us in vivid detial all about Joseph Smith. I was shocked, one how did they find this movie?? Two how did they understand it in English???? but that is not the biggest miracle, after they told us about the movie they said "We are ready" and i say "ready for what...?" and they say "ready to be baptized" 

NO WAY NO WAY NO WAY!!!!!!! READY TO BE BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!! tears may or may not have fallen from my face at that very moment. Heavenly Father did not need them to go to stake conference, he was preparing them in a difference way. On the other hand Heavenly Father needed me and Sister Patterson to work our very hardest to get them to stake conference. To show God our wiliness and diligence for this family. We stretched ourself and got a miracle. When we are at A and think Heavenly father is going to give us B we are always wrong. God works in mysterious ways and i experienced that this week. It was so amazing and i would have never had this experience if i did not serve a mission. 

As for my plantars wart, i got it cut out/froze off this week and HOLY MOLEY it was so painful. They didnt numb my foot at all. Then the next day i have to try to walk on it and give tours at the MoBat for 6 hours. I have to stand on all my tours because its busy and there is no room for me to sit. I. wanted. to . kill. myself. But its getting better now. I will send a pic of how nasty it is wahahaha :) 

i love you all so much! Come visit me here at the MoBat prison jk its not a prison. But really come visit me!!  

Sister Olivia Price (your favorite missionary) 

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