California San Diego Mission

California San Diego Mission

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Socks and Flats

This has been a good week. Elder James J Hamula of the 70 came and spoke to us. Everyone in the mission loved it, but my own personal thought differed. I was not a huge fan of Elder Hamula because he just told us all the things we don't do right....and who wants to hear that, especially from an member  of the 70. (cough cough not me)  But he did say some other really good things. He taught us how the war in heaven never ended that it was only transferred here to Earth, and that we are fighting in that battle everyday! So that put a whole new look on my life here on Earth. 

So i really love being a missionary, it is so great! It teaches you so many things it just blows my mind. But you know how when you are at home and you just have those days where you just want to stay at home with your hair all messy, wear sweat pants, and watch movies all day? Well as a missionary you feel like that, but have to do the complete opposite. You have to wear a skirt, and act super happy to see every person that walks into the Battalion, and work hard through those times where you literally don't want to do a single thing. So on those days i hate to take my socks off, so i don't...haha i keep them on and this is what it ends up looking like. I look like a complete fool, but do i give one care...NOPE! I wear my socks and flats and i am happy :)

So i am currently serving in a new ward, and i have a feeling i am going to be serving in this ward for a long time...because i really really really don't like it. This ward, bless their hearts, they need so much help. I dont think there is a single white person in this area, and it is the straight ghetto. Which i am ok with, it doesn't bother my that much, but our members....ok this is the thing that bugs me the most. We pass our dinner calendar around every week!!! and every week NOT A SINGLE PERSON signs up.......i don't know why that makes me so angry, actually i do. Its because these members don't want to serve or help anyone. C'mon the least you can do is feed the poor starving, hard working missionaries. But i am really slowly learning to love them....despite the fact that they don't do anything for us. 

On the plus side I'm still alive :) i still know the church is true, and i love my mission. All kinds of weird things happen all the time to me and Sister Patterson. 
I love you all so much! Stay strong!have a great week!! 

Sister Olivia Price❤ (ps this last pic is when i tucked my companion into bed😅 hahah lol)

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