California San Diego Mission

California San Diego Mission

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Kinja Baptism

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This week we had the farewell for Elder and Sister Sinclair. Talk about a heart break. I love these two old farts so much! They have been my mission grandparents. They are always there to cheer me up, buy me medicine when im sick, and take me to dinner. I am going to miss them so much!! But its ok they live right next to Weber State so i am for sure going to see them again! 
The picture down below of all the boats is the view that i had when Elder and Sister Sinclair took me and Sister Patterson to Point Loma Seafoods.๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

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Alright here it is!! The Kinja family got baptized this week!!! It was the greatest baptism ever, except for a few things. Well for starters me and Sister Patterson have been sick with the flu ALL WEEK!! Literally hacking up a lung all week in our apartment. So when we were at this baptism we were really sick, but its ok because we have been working so hard to get this family baptized so we were just going to pretend that we were not sick. Well we fill up the font with hot water and that makes the entire room super hot. The air conditioning in the building is not working, and then a million people showed up to the baptism. We were all crammed in this little room, that was steaming hot from the font, and then on top of that me and SIster Patterson had fevers. i wanted to die a little bit. But other then that the baptism was soooo great!!! I have never loved a family so much then i have this family! 

We found 2 more families this week that have 8 kids (both of them) and they are both refugees from Africa!!! SUCH A MIRACLE! me and Sister Patterson have decided we are going to start a swahili branch here in San Diego and the Kinja family are the first converts! 

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how we look vs how we feel at and after the baptism 
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also it was SIster Trujillos birthday this week so me and Sister Patterson dressed up like the soldiers from the Battalion and knocked on her door during personal study and sang her Happy Birthday! haha i have so much more compassion for the Battalion  because if they had to march 2,000 miles wearing these clothes i feel so sorry. They were so uncomfortable to wear for only ten minutes i cant imagine 6 months!! 

Anyway i love you all so much! Hope you have a great day! and i will talk to ya next week!! 

Sister Price

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