California San Diego Mission

California San Diego Mission

Sunday, November 13, 2016

BBQs by the pool

So last week in the weekly email from the mission president he tells
how we are not allowed to be seen in public with other missionaries.
We are not allowed to eat with other missionaries, be in their
apartments, or have any sort of fun.....but strictly NEVER allowed to
go around large bodies of water (pools, beach, lake, river, ext.) So
what do we do for PDay?? The senior couples in our mission through our
zone a huge BBQ! (So we break rule number one and two , don't hang out
and eat with other missionaries in public) when we show up to this BBQ
we surprisingly find out that the place that the senior couple chose
to have their BBQ is the pool right next to their apartment complex
(thus breaking rules three and four) hahaha so our whole zone is there
and it's super fun. All the rules that our mission president just made
have been 100 percent thrown out the window or into the pool for that
matter. Well guess who decided to show up to our little gathering??
The APs...(assistants to the mission president)  hahaha  thus making
the moral of this story-you always get caught for disobedience :)

So this week we had a lesson with our Congo family. We had it at a
members house and it was soooooo awesome!!!! For lots of reasons...but
mainly because this member is the only person I know in San Diego that
has air conditioning!!😍😍😍 it was so amazing! I'm literally going to
be at their house everyday this summer because they have AC...and they
are super great at sharing the gospel!

Also cool story, so I met a man in January from New Mexico. We were
talking about Allsups burritos and how I love the taco sauce that goes
on them.😍 well he came back to San Diego to the Mormon Battalion and
gave me the taco sauce...!!! #TenderMercies

This week is super busy. Pray that I survive zone conference, two
exchanges, MLC (missionary leadership council), 35 hours of giving
tours at the Battalion, planning for zone meeting, 4 baptismal
interviews, and teaching all my investigators.

shout out to Tyson for telling the best stories of all time on his mission!
Laughed so hard about his new district leader! Ohhh and Tyson i met
someone that was in your ward in Lancaster! The whites? They came to 
the Battalion yesterday and said that you had told them to come! 
They said that you are such a good missionary :)

Anyway i love you all and miss you so much!! Stay out of the sun 
heres some cool pics!
1. me and my comp at the temple
2. Matt and Julie our investigators that came to the MoBat last night 
3. We now currently live off of Slurpees 
4. San Diego is so beautiful!!

Sister Olivia Price

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