California San Diego Mission

California San Diego Mission

Thursday, November 24, 2016


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FAVORITE YOUNGEST SISTER FEEF!!!!!! I love you so much and hope that you have a very special day and that tori gives you an extra special wedgie today;)!πŸ’™

Training Sister Gygi (Geegee) makes me look and see how much i have grown on my mission. To me right now i feel like the same Sister Price as i always have been, but seeing where Sister Gygi is (which is where i was at the beginning of my mission) and then seeing where i am now, HOLY SMOKES its a world of a difference. 

This week, not going to lie was straight up rough. We helped teach gospel principles to all of our investigators which speak a combination of (french, spanish, swahili, and kinawanda) and they all barely speak english. So we have to figure out how to help these people understand the gospel without really speaking english (WHICH IS THE ONLY LANGUAGE I KNOW!!) so that was a little frustrating.....i feel like im expected to pull some miracle out of nowhere and all the sudden know how to speak swahili. So pray that somehow i get the gift of tongues and can know how to help all these refugees. 

But the highlight of the week was Sister Patterson came to San Diego to visit me!!! (she will never make it out of the weekly email lol) (and i like to think that the whole purpose of her coming to San Diego was to visit me...but it probs wasnt...oh well) Tender Mercies that is all that i can say! She came to the Battalion and surprised me (and all the other sisters for that matter, no one knew that she was coming!) I got to meet her beautiful family (finally) and see her in pants...which was the weirdest part ;) 

now for the weekly pics

Inline image 1
^^Last Pday at La Jolla Cove😍😍😍😍😍

Inline image 2
^^^^^the SD Spanish Zone (yeah they adopted me into this zone)

Inline image 3
^^^seeing this picture made me realize how long my hair im going to chop it today...:) #YouWillFindOutHowShortICutItNextWeek....:)

Inline image 4
^^^^it finally rained yesterday!! 

love yall so much!! Keep it Classy and remember to read the scriptures! 

Sister PriceπŸ’œ

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