California San Diego Mission

California San Diego Mission

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Congo Branch

This week was definitely better then last week! So I have some super
cool news! First off we had 37 swahili investigators at church this week!! 
We had a member from a different ward come and translate for all of them 
and it was the coolest thing everrrrrr!!! My dreams are literally coming true 
we are going to start a swahili branch here in San Diego!! Our mission president 
has already requested swahili missionaries from the Congo😍😍
And last night all 37 of them got to come to the Mormon Battalion and i got 
to take them all on tour!😍😍😍 Congolese Refugees are the highlight of 
my mission!

Also I have to tell ya'll a funny story. Mom I hope you don't mind!;)
so this week we get a phone call and we are at the battalion so we
can't answer, but whoever calls leaves a voice message. My companion
listens to the voice message while I am still on a tour and the
message goes like this..."i got your number from your bishop and I
would really like to learn more about your
beliefs.....(laughing)....ok I couldn't resist calling you it was so
good to hear your voice!!! I love you and miss you so much" so my
companion is really confused and calls back, but no one answered this
mysterious phone. She thinks its like a former investigator. 
 So she texts the number saying "we didn't understand
your voice message, we would love to call you and get to know you..."
Well she said something missionary like along those lines. Then I go
talk to my companion and she tells me all about what had just
happened. How some random person called and wants to learn more about
the church and that she had texted them bla bla bla. I was super
excited because no one ever calls wanting to learn more!!! Woo!!
Thanks bishop!! So we are waiting for the person to text back, and we
get an unusual response. The next message says "no this is your mom
pretending to be an investigator..." I was super confused and looked
at the number and sure enough it was my moms phone number :) hahaha it
was a pleasant surprise and I thought the whole situation was so
funny! Thanks for making my week mom by pretending to be an
investigator ;)

When I was on exchanges this week we were at our temple shift. We were
sitting there when this man on a motorcycle drives up, and there is
something a little different about him....he gets off his bike and he
is dressed in a FULL ON CAPTAIN AMERICA COSTUME!!!! It was slightly
creepy because he was this big fat man, and it looked like he had been
camping in this costume for a couple days.....he asks us to take his
picture so of course we did that. Then he starts telling us all about
how he got excommunicated....!!!! And the whole time the security
guard at the temple was driving past us with his phone in his hand
trying to get a good picture of Captain America. He drove past no joke
like 11 times!! And then Captain America wanted a picture of him and
the temple in his normal clothes. Well the temple is closed so he
could go inside and change his clothes, so he just straight up starts
undressing himself in the parking lot....i can honestly say that has
never happened before.

Well i hope you all have a wonderful week!! Its so great to hear all the things 
that are going on in your life! 

❤ Sister Olivia Price 

^^right before we saw captain america 

^^^My new comp :)

^^ for all you past MoBatt sisters that i have in this email, we got to have training meeting this week at Seeley stables and Tim Downing told us literally every fact about Old Town...:)

^^only smiling cuz i get to drive Car G...another shout out to battalion sisters

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