California San Diego Mission

California San Diego Mission

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

FACT: God is real

There is a God, and I know that for a fact!!!! Transfers were
yesterday and I was really nervous because I had already been with
Sister Patterson for 2 transfers (the longest companions usually stay
together in this mission) and didn't have any idea who my new
companion would be. Being with Sister Patterson has been the best 3
months of my mission and I didn't want it to end. So we both prayed so
hard that we could stay together! Lots of prayers! I even went as far
as telling my mission president that I wanted to stay with her. As we
opened up the transfer email yesterday I saw that my prayers had been
answered!! I get to stay with Sister Patterson for another transfer,
(her last transfer) wooooo!! In the end we will have been together for
5 months...:) 

Let me start you all off with a story. I went on exchanges with the
Chinese sisters this week. I went with Sister Guan into her area. She
covers half of the entire mission so it's a really big area. So we go
to an appointment that is approximately 45 minutes away (it would have
taken less time, but I have a tiwi...) we go into this appointment
with their investigator and then after we go out to lunch with one of
the members in the Chinese group. They take us to this place that is
called The Pearl. I walk into this restaurant and I feel like I'm in a
flashback of Indiana Jones. Lots of tables with white table clothes,
big Chinese lanterns every where, and Asian waiters running around
with trays full of food. The whole back wall is glass and looks out to
this nice pond....where the heck am I??? A pond in San Diego??? I have
never seen anything like this. So we sit down at the table. The waiter
hands me a menu and starts explaining in Chinese how to order the
food. (Just a little taste of what it's like to probably be in a
foreign country learning a new language)  anyway so apparently how you
order the food is you have a little sheet of paper that looks like a
scantron (the special papers you take your finals on in high school)
there is a number next to every idem on the menu, so you go to that
number on the scantron and fill that bubble in. That means you want
one tray of whatever that number is. So if you want two plates of the
same thing you fill in two bubbles. It's really complex for us dumb
Americans....but Sister Guan orders all the food. I told her I will
eat whatever she is eating.
Let me tell you how much of a mistake that was....when your done
writing down all the food you want, you hold the scantron in the air
and someone runs by and takes it.
Soon About five waiter scurry up to our table and have trays of little
silver pots and plates. They place them all on our table. Each little
pot and plate has different kinds of food in it, and every single one
looks new to me. All of the sudden I have lost my appetite...this
isn't the normal Chinese food that you would get at a restaurant, this
is food straight from China, and it all smells like dirty feet.
Sister Guan picks up her chopsticks and starts putting all kinds of
food on her plate. I don't want to look like a noob so I do the same.
Well I attempt to do the same, I have like no idea how to use's like I'm a baby deer trying to walk. So it takes
me a good long while to do this. Meanwhile I'm trying to scope out a
spoon. No spoon in sight. Where is a waiter need to ask him for a
spoon. No waiter in sight...ugh ok fine I'm just going to keep on
driving the struggle bus over here.
Sister Guan put something on my plate and says "here eat this its
chicken!" This is like no chicken I have ever seen before. It's all
stringy and covered in this weird red sauce. Everyone at the table is
looking at me, so I stab it with my chopstick and take a huge bite.
CRUNCH!! Crunch.crunch.crunch.....ewwwww.....what is this? I know for
a fact this is not chicken. My face probably said everything that I
was feeling because Sister Guan leans over and says in her Chinese
accent that "it is chicken feet".........
I can never look at a chicken the same now.

Also this week I took the cutest family on tour. The Bacon family (yes
their last name is Bacon) and their son (Evan) is a "Lego Master" look
him up on Google it's pretty cool! I never in a million years thought
I would meet a Lego Master, especially on my mission.

Inline image 1
^^San Diego temple😍😍 

Inline image 2
^^Sister Guan teaching me how to be asian 

Inline image 3
^^Evan Bacon AKA Lego Master and his family that i took on tour

Inline image 4
^^^heart and soul of the MoBat

I love you all so much and hope that you have a adventurous week!


Sister Price

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