California San Diego Mission

California San Diego Mission

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Ghetto Splints

I just heard the song Stitches by Shawn Mendes and literal tears came from my eyes.....hands down the hardest thing about a mission is not being able to listen to music. 

So this week we had MTE's (missionary training experience) and President Schmitt gave us some training. He showed these three videos to us about people running track. There was this one video that he showed us that was about these two brothers. They were running in the world triathlon championship. One brother was in 1st place, and the other brother was in 3rd. The brother in 1st place was so close to the finish line and his body started to fail him, he could run any more. So his brother came up behind him and carried him to the finish line, but pushed him over the line so that his brother could win 2nd and he finished in 3rd. It was the biggest act of love that i have ever seen in a race. The whole time president Schmitt was showing these videos i was crying (of course) because it made me think of 2 things. It 1.) made me think about Kaylee. And how much fun we had running track together. How she would have done that exact same thing for me. She would have pushed me over the finish line first so i could finish before her. All the memories i have of running track with her are so tender. 
It also made me think about my Savior. How Jesus Christ is carrying us through this race of life that we are running. That when our bodies fail us and when we feel like we cant go another day, that we have someone stronger, and someone that is right next to us helping us to the finish line. :) 

other then MTE's the week was pretty normal. Oh i did hurt my finger really bad ( your not a missionary unless something on your body is in pain right?) so i made this ghetto splint....on the back side of my finger is this weird piece of wood that i found. #AthleticrainingSkillsComingInClutch
Inline image 3

Inline image 4
^^^^Gosh the temple is so beautiful!!!

Inline image 2
^^^Can we all just admire how cute Tyson is???? just look at him! and a big shout out to him because he comes home in less then a month!!!! WOOOOO!!!!! (yeah im not excited at all..)

Inline image 5
^^^this building literally glows!!#PrideandJoyOfTheCSDM

Love you all so much!! Hope you have a great week!!!

💜The Coolest New Mexican in San Diego- Sister Olivia Price

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