California San Diego Mission

California San Diego Mission

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Happy Birthday Tyson

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Just want to start of my saying a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wombmate ELDER TYSON B. PRICE!!!! Congrats you are now not a teenager! Hope you are having a memorable mission birthday and i hope your companion did something special for you today! 

Speaking of birthday i want to brag for a minute and tell you all how great my companion is. Ok so this is how today started off, i got woke up by Sister Patterson jumping on my bed yelling HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! haha then i walk out of our room and she has decorated the apartment with balloons and banners that say happy brithday! (she woke up early to set this all up so it would be a surprise). Then after we come in from exercising i get a knock on the door. I go open it and it is Sister Allen and Trujillo the sisters next door to us, and they have a huge stack of  pancakes with neon rainbow sprinkles in them and they decorated the front door with balloons and signs and sang me happy birthday as well. Ohh not to mention all the MoBat sisters came and sang Happy birthday to me 3 different times, all under the direction of Sister Patterson.  She is the GREATEST!!!! I love her so much and i love the way that she displays her love for me. Anyway so today has been a really great day :) 

So this first picture is a picture of our investigators that are getting baptized on saturday. Its a whole family (crying happy emoji) The parents and two of their kids are getting baptized and there is not enough time for me to explain how i feel about this family. But i will make is short and simple, i love them to death and have doen everything in my will power to help them be converted and baptized!


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So yesterday as you all know was the birth of our freedom here in America. We had zone meeting and we all dressed up in our red white and blue. Basically all the clothes i have are red white and blue so i have been waiting for this day my entire mission to wear them together. Me and Sister Patterson taught during zone meeting and it went pretty good, we made this super funny video about how to find people. Maybe if your lucky i will send it..;)

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This pic just describes our companionship❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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This is the greatest picture of all times! Yesterday we had a huge battalion party and got to close the battalion early. We had dinner together and then got to watch the fireworks on top of the roof of the MoBat. We could see 4 firework displays from the roof so that was super cool! :) #sororityParty 

Well i love you all so much an appreciate all the birthday wishes that you have sent me! Be safe and i will see yall in 6 months 

Pioneer Olivia

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