California San Diego Mission

California San Diego Mission

Sunday, October 16, 2016


This is why I'm fat

Our family from the Congo

When it rains it pours

What i mean by the title of this emails is that SO MANY THINGS HAPPENED THIS WEEK!!!! Heavenly Father poured out lots and lots of blessings this week so this email will hopefully be more interesting then the past couple of emails. 

Well to start of the big news is that THE WILLIAMS FAMILY CAME AND SAW ME AT THE MOBAT!!! what a surprise!! The best surprise i have had on my entire misison! Wooo! and for all that dont know who the Williams family is, they are my cousins/aunt/uncle. I got to take them on a tour at the Mobat and i hope they enjoyed it! I had a fun time clapping our hands and dressing up like a soldier:) even though Sister Luke the senior sister was a little grouchy and quote from Elly Williams "needed a snickers" Thanks mom for telling Kristen to buy me conditioner, sour patch watermelons and white chocolate!! It was like christmas :) Right before i took the Williams on tour i took the general primary and preisthood leaders of the church on tour! IT WAS SO LEGIT!!!! But i will have to admit i was more nervous to take my family on tour then i was the general leaders of the church....

Also another awesome things that happened this week is ELDER HOLLAND CAME AND SPOKE TO OUR MISSION!!!!!!!! Yes you all can be jealous because it was the most awesome thing ever. Elder Holland is my favorite apostle and to sit 3 rows away from him was like being at a Justin Beiber concert. He spoke to us about our missions and missionary work and i will never forget the feeling as he spoke. My heart felt too big for my chest and it energized me so much!! I consider myself the luckiest missionary in the world, because this week another general authority is coming to our mission. Elder Hamula of the 70. He is doing a mission tour. Which is weird because we just had one in december, but i think its because my mission president is going to be called to be a general authority soooo...all kinds of cool people come so see how his missionaries are.

Also this week God has blessed the people of the San Diego 8th ward that i am serving in and also the people in the San Diego jail, because we added two criminals this week!! haha yayy it reminds me of being in Roswell! All the places in our area are super sketch and its so funny to see my companion who is from Logan Utah freak out and it doesn't even bother me cuz these places look similar to where im from! Also i gave a talk in church this week and Mom and Dad you would have been so proud of me! I thought i did a good job :) I may or may have not called the entire ward to repentance, but its ok because i did it with love :) 

So thats the basics of what happened this week! 
Hope you all had an equally exciting week! 
I love you all so much and hope you hear from all of you! (that means you Tori, Kaylee, Mom and Sophia!) 

Sister Price

Mormon battalion selfies

Tuesday again ??

Wow this week went by so fast! i cant believe it. 

Big news this week is that Elder Holland is coming to our mission this week!! #BeJealous but we have to go clean the church at 6:30am soooo thats the downside of it....-_-
We found a translator for our Congo family which is a straight miracle so hopefully we can start teaching them now!
I went on 2 more exchanges this week with Sister Losada and Sister Liu and they both went great, i survived them! 
I have this really weird thing on the bottom of my foot that i am going to cut out today, wish my luck on my homeside surgery. 
And it is almost the end of the month....holy smokes May went by so fast. 

I love being a missionary, it is the most fulfilling thing i have ever done in my life. :) i dont have a lot of time because the family history center closes soon, sorry for the short email but i love you all and hope that you have a blessed week! 
Remember to read the Book of Mormon and to pray :)

Sister Price

Corn nuts!

My Comp is a QT

Day 1 of our exchanges

Exchange 1

Exchange 2

I'm still alive

Me and my comp in our pioneer dresses

Underwear ?!

Amanda from EFY


Dear Family and Friends, 

Family i hope you all get to read this email while you are all gather around the kitchen table eating dinner together. I know that what we would do with Tysons emails before i left on my mission and i really enjoyed it.

This week i have a story to tell you all. It is about another lesson that i am learning here on the mission. 

Well there is a girl. Her name is Vikki. (i am not using her real name) She has grown up in a very tough part of California and it is a straight miracle that she is on a mission. She is rude, inconsiderate, and most of all the most disobedient missionary i have seen. i was her first companion and i know first hand how she is as a missionary. She made the first 3 weeks of my missionary experience absolutely miserable. I do not like her. I have very strong feelings of dislike for this girl. She does not have a nice bone in her body. For the past 10 months i have had to continuously see her at the Mormon Battalion. I have seen every one of her companions cry because she is so rude to them. To me it does not make sense. She acts like she is being forces to be here. She does not want to follow all the rules, and so in my rational brain i think "why dont they just send her home?" "Why does she makes this so painful for everyone including herself?" "Life would be so much better if Vikki was not here ruining everything at the Mormon Battalion!!" 
I have thought these things for a long time. But now i am a leader of the MoBat and i have to help the sisters. Today i was talking to one of the other leaders that has more experience with Vikki. She was telling me how our mission president will not send her home. He is going to make her finish her mission. and once again in my ration brain i think "WHY???" SHE IS NOT HELPING ANYONE??? she is making everything so much harder. But let me tell you the lesson that i learned/am still learning. 

How would the world respond to this situation? They would send Vikki home. Get rid of her, talk about how horrible she is, get her out of their hair so they can go along with their happy life not having to worry about her problems. This is what i naturally want to do. The easy thing to do is get her out of this mission. It would make all the sisters happier. The work would progress, and life would be so much better for everyone, except maybe vikki. She would go home and go back to the harsh city she came from, get back with the same group of people she was hanging out with, and say "i tried to serve a full time mission." And thats that. Does that not seem like the right thing to do? Dont you think that everyone would be getting what they wanted?  

But let us think about what Jesus Christ would do in this situation. He would not send Vikki home. He would love her. Love her with all his heart even though He knows that he will never receive the same love from her. He would serve her, help her in all aspects of life, and never get angry or frustrated. Well as a missionary i get to wear Christs name on my chest every single day. So shouldn't i act like him too?? Yes...i should. That means i need to love Vikki, even though every fiber in my body wants to run away from her and has zero interest in anything that she says. But i need to overcome that. This week i have really been working hard on charity. The pure love of Christ. Loving other the way He would. Because isnt that what life is all about? Love? If we love God we are going to follow His commandments? If we follow his commandments we are going to love others. 

Well that is not easy, and its not suppose to be easy. As disciples of Jesus Christ we say we are examples of Him. Well Christ did not have an easy life, and if we want to walk down the road of discipleship then we should be prepared to experience some of the things that He experienced. A little bit of the pain. A little bit of the sorrow. To shed some, not all, but some of the tears that He shed. To love Vikki is not going to be easy. It is going to take work! Prayer! diligence! and a devoted heart to God. Charity is something that i am not perfect at, but it is something that i am learning. And that is one of the very many things that i learned this week :) 

I love you all so much and hope that everything is going well for you!!

Sister Olivia Price❤

I am so tired!

well i am the most tired that i have ever been in my this email is going to be really short so i can go take a nap. 
i got my hair done today, and it looks absolutely horrible, and she chopped my hair off...soooo thats definitely a confidence booster. 
i got to teach in zone meeting for the first time this week and it was great! We taught on daily contact and following up on our commitments. Me and my companion are like the same person so we had a great presentation :) 
Then i went to MLC (missionary leadership council) and holy smokes it was the most spiritually draining thing i have ever done. I learned so much and really enjoyed it, but it was exhausting!! 
and i had my first call-ins with President on Monday night. That was pretty cool! <----i would explain what call-ins are but i am too tired...sorry

but i got to talk to the fam this week and that was awesome! Hopefully they can come pic me up in SD from my mission! i think that that would be so fun!:) 
i love you all so much and hope that you have a great week! 

The most tired person on the face of the planet 

(ps please pray that we will find someone that speaks Swahili so we can teach the most prepared family on the face of the planet :)

-Sister PRice$$$

Look, a bunny!

San Diego Temple

9 months in the mission!

Big News

So this week has been so great! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!! seriously it is the best thing ever. But as you can tell by the title of this email i have some really big news for yall. Well yesterday was transfers....and i am staying in the same area....but i have a new companion. Her name is Sister Patterson and she IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE MISSIONARIES HERE!!!!!! I LITERALLY HAVE THEW BEST COMPANION EVER!!!! But that is not the most exciting news. Yesterday before the transfer email went out i got a phone call from the mission president (President Schmitt). And when i saw that he was calling i knew it was 1 of three things. 1-i was being sent home  2-my family had died 3-i was being sent full proselyting. Well to my surprise as i answered the phone it was none of those three things. Instead i was hit with a much bigger surprise. President called me and told me that the Lord has called me to serve as a Sister Training Leader at the Mormon Battalion. For all of you that dont know what that means, it means that i am now in charge of 22 sisters at the MoBat, including my companion and myself. I have to help them with their missionary work, plan the schedules for the MoBat, plan training every thursday morning, go on exchanges with all the sisters once a transfer, and council all the sisters when they are troubled, and a whole long list of other things. It is such an honor to be called as a sister training leader and most of the sisters dont get the chance to be one. I feel completely inadequate for the job, but whom the Lord calls He qualifies. I thought that i was going to train again this transfer, and i was fully ready for the responsibility of training a new missionary, but nope the Lord had a different plan for me. Instead he called me to be a leader. Something that i definitely did not expect at ALL!!! 

This next transfer is going to be awesome and i really cant wait to work hard and serve all the sisters at the Mormon Battalion as their STL.. It is really such a privilege and i am truly humbled by the opportunity i have to do all these amazing things there in San Diego. Once again i truly LOVE being a missionary!! It is one of the most amazing decisions of my life. The things that i have learned here cant be learned anywhere else. I love my area, i lover my companion, i love the MoBat, i love San Diego and i love Jesus Christ!! 

So this Sunday i get to skype home!!! Wooo i will probably skype home around 1:30 or 2:00 California time, so that probably 2:30 or 3 New Mexico time. I'm not 100 percent sure. I get out of church at 1:00 and then have to work at the MoBat from 4:30-9 so it will be between that time limit! Have lots of questions ready because like Christmas i will only have a short amount of time and it goes by really really fast!...:(

I love you all so much and i am super excited to see you this Sunday! Everyone else come visit me over here at the Mormon Battalion, i will take you on the best tour ;)
Have a blessed week and know that things are on fire over here in San Diego! I love it so much:)


Sister Olivia Ann Price 

PS i hit my 9 month mark this week so im going to send you my prego pic. Elders when they are half way through their missions burn a shirt of something, when sisters are half way we take pictures like we are prego. (get it 9 months down??) and the other pic is of our Recent Convert Dana-she got to go to the temple this week and do baptism for her family. It was a really special moment :)

Just so you know I did not eat this whole thing:)