California San Diego Mission

California San Diego Mission

Thursday, November 24, 2016

literally serving in Africa

This week was a week of miracles!!! Holy frijoles!! bring out the tissues because God was so good to me this week! So it's starts on Wednesday. President Collins brings about 50 Congolese Refugees to the Mormon Battalion. First they have dinner out back, then I take half of them on tour. It was an unusual tour because I had a translator by my side the whole time. The spirit was so strong and even though these people didn't really understand the fully story of these incredible men they were still touched by the spirit that was there during the tour. 
On Sunday me and sister Trujillo are given a huge task. We are told that we are going to teach Sunday school to all the Swahili speakers. Last week when the elders taught the restoration it went straight horrible. Like it was literally the worst lesson ever. And president Schmitt was sitting behind them taking notes the whole I was a little nervous for this lesson because 1.) I don't know Swahili. 2.) I don't want president Schmitt to be there... 3.) I don't know where all these refugees are in the missionary lessons so I don't know if they have already heard the lesson that we are going to teach. But that little phrase "God qualifies who he calls" kept replaying in my head and I knew that even though I had so many fears, God would make us for what I lacked. And that is 100 percent true. Me and S.Tru taught the POS to all these humble refugees and it has changed my life. We made this giant poster with the plan of salvation drawn out on it and had lots of visual aids in the lesson. We also had Rebecca share her testimony in Swahili of the atonement and when she did the spirit was so strong. Some of these precious refugees were crying in the lesson. Tears flowed down not only their face but mine as well as we together learned about that loving plan that God had created for each and every single one of us. The lesson went so well, they were asking questions and even participating!!(which definitely didn't happen when the elders taught) then after the lesson we stayed in the gym and President Collins wife brought out lunch for everyone. She made African food (beans and rice with lots of meat) and I think my companion was more thrilled about it then the refugees ;) but after we got to talk to a lot of these people and hear their story.  Hear how they have felt Gods love in their journey here to America. How they have felt their faith carry them in times of trial. At those moments talking to those refugees I felt an overwhelming feeling of love. I am doing something that I never would have dreamed of doing. I am changing the world one lesson at a time. God is giving me this opportunity and experience as a way to show me how much he LOVES ME!!! And as I feel my saviors love increase I can spread that love to these humble people of Africa. 

This week was soooo amazing and one year ago i would have never imagined the things that God would allow me to do! Ahhhh missions are so awesome! 

Sister Price

Inline image 1
^^after the tour, panning for Gold

Inline image 2
^^^^^teaching all the congolese refugees the Plan of Salvation!! this is literally my favorite picture
Inline image 3
^^^the girl in the purple is an excellent photo bomber 
Inline image 4
^^^^^^^^they have my heart!!!!❤

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