California San Diego Mission

California San Diego Mission

Thursday, November 24, 2016


This week has been super slow at the MoBat and at the temple. My trainee (bless her heart we are working on being more focused!) asked the question "What would happen if all the Battalion Sisters were stranded on a desert island?" (It would honestly be the best selling drama production!) So we decided who would be the first sister to die, and who would build the coolest shelter and what not...but Dad you will be pleased to know that I got designated as the Sister that would survive the longest!! πŸ’ͺ🏾πŸ’₯

I told my trainee this week that my family isn't going to recognize me when I get off the plane because I'm so fat and weird now, and she told me "You can be fat, or you can be weird. You can't be both." So yeah I'm really trying to work on which one I want to

Also dad I met Ryan Tingys relatives..(The Capners) this weekend. It was pretty cool :)

This week is thanksgiving and it does not feel like Thanksgiving. But a man gave a talk in church this week that really touched my heart (probably because it had sport analogies in it!) but he told us that if we want to be happier in life then we need to increase our gratitude! That if we live in thanksgiving daily our life can be forever full of joy. Now I don't know about you, but that sounds pretty nice..:) so that is something that I have been working on this week, is increasing my gratitude! You should all give it a try!

I love you all so much!! Eat a lot of turkey for me!!:)

^^^^our face when Julie said she wanted to be baptized this Saturday!!

^^^exchanges and temple shift! 

^^^^^when no one signs up to feed you because you left your dinner calender at home so this is your back up plan...πŸ˜… 

No caption needed❤️

City heights!!! Where I almost got attacked by a dog...

Have a great week!! 
❤️Sister Olivia Price! Your favorite missionary in the CSDM;)

Ghetto Splints

I just heard the song Stitches by Shawn Mendes and literal tears came from my eyes.....hands down the hardest thing about a mission is not being able to listen to music. 

So this week we had MTE's (missionary training experience) and President Schmitt gave us some training. He showed these three videos to us about people running track. There was this one video that he showed us that was about these two brothers. They were running in the world triathlon championship. One brother was in 1st place, and the other brother was in 3rd. The brother in 1st place was so close to the finish line and his body started to fail him, he could run any more. So his brother came up behind him and carried him to the finish line, but pushed him over the line so that his brother could win 2nd and he finished in 3rd. It was the biggest act of love that i have ever seen in a race. The whole time president Schmitt was showing these videos i was crying (of course) because it made me think of 2 things. It 1.) made me think about Kaylee. And how much fun we had running track together. How she would have done that exact same thing for me. She would have pushed me over the finish line first so i could finish before her. All the memories i have of running track with her are so tender. 
It also made me think about my Savior. How Jesus Christ is carrying us through this race of life that we are running. That when our bodies fail us and when we feel like we cant go another day, that we have someone stronger, and someone that is right next to us helping us to the finish line. :) 

other then MTE's the week was pretty normal. Oh i did hurt my finger really bad ( your not a missionary unless something on your body is in pain right?) so i made this ghetto splint....on the back side of my finger is this weird piece of wood that i found. #AthleticrainingSkillsComingInClutch
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^^^^Gosh the temple is so beautiful!!!

Inline image 2
^^^Can we all just admire how cute Tyson is???? just look at him! and a big shout out to him because he comes home in less then a month!!!! WOOOOO!!!!! (yeah im not excited at all..)

Inline image 5
^^^this building literally glows!!#PrideandJoyOfTheCSDM

Love you all so much!! Hope you have a great week!!!

πŸ’œThe Coolest New Mexican in San Diego- Sister Olivia Price

Happy Election Day

why did no one inform me that i could vote on my mission??? Just throwing that out there?

So this week was interesting. We were at the temple working our weekly shift when these 2 Brazilian men walk up to our booth. They start asking why they cant go into the temple, so we tell them why-give our little shpeel about the temple. Then they starting asking us about ourselves, like what our first names are (which is super weird to tell people on a mission idk why?) and if we have been in the LDS church our whole life. Then they walk away....then one of them walks back. He is kinda nervous and continues in his broken english saying "would you like to get ice cream on the beach later tonight...??" me and sister trujillo are horrified and dont really know how to tell him that we took the holy nun oath and are not allowed to, but before we could say that our new trainee say "yeah sure whats your number?" now im even more horrified! WHAT!!! WHERE IN THE WHITE HANDBOOK DOES IT SAY WE are allowed to go to the beach and get ice cream with random brazilian men???? yeah NO WHERE! so that was interesting. this is a picture of the text message they sent us later that night. 

Inline image 1

also our ward is full of crazy people. This really old black lady went up to the stand on sunday wearing a straw hat and says this "Im gunna tell yall about the dream i had las night. I had a dream that i was in my kitchen with a big pitcher of Kool-Aid...hahaha yes i do dream in color. The Kool-Aid was red..." and continues to tell us about her Kool-Aid dream. And at the end of the testimony she says "And bless ALL YALL in the house today! Amen" hahahahah i was trying to hold in my laughter so much! It was hilarious!
Inline image 2
^^a man that walked in to MoBat on day of the dead!! lol 

Inline image 3
^^the pride and joy of the CSDM

Inline image 4
^^^had MLC this

Inline image 5
^^^^^city heights is so beautiful 

Hope you all have a great week!! love and miss all of you!!!! 

The coolest Sister Price in the mission field!πŸ’™

Dia De Los Muertos

Happy Day of the Dead everyone!!! 

So biggest news of the week would be that i got my hair cut. I cut it in half, and i LOVE it! I do not regret it at all! Thank you Great Clips! 

This week we found a new family to teach. A family of 9. It was a miracle! Usually when we go into Conglese families homes it is really messy, there is a bunch of random trash and stuff everywhere, and it has this familiar smell of rotten cabbage. And usually they all kinda live in he same area of san diego. Well we meet this man named Esroni at one of our investigators houses and he tells us (in english) that he wants to come to church. yeah yeah yeah everyone always tells us they want to come to church, so we go over to their house to see how solid they are. We go over to their house (which is in an unusual part of our area) and we walk in the door and all 9 of them are sitting in a circle around the table waiting for us. I was very impressed! Not only were they waiting for us, but their house was SO CLEAN! and no rotten cabbage smell! #blessings
They intentivly listen to the message of the restoration and commit to say family prayers. What was so amazing about this experience was when i looked into their eyes i could feel the love that God had for this family. So much love! I could feel that they were sent here for a divine purpose! That God loved this family enough to put them in a refugee camp so they could come to America and learn about the greatest thing this world has to offer. (the gospel of Jesus Christ). There is something very different about this family compared to the other congo families that we teach! I dont know what it is, but i am going to find out!!:)

Inline image 2
^^City Heights and California Sunsets, what more could you want?

Inline image 3
^^^Collin was the cutest little.....(i have no idea what he was) but he looked so cute!

Inline image 5
^^^what goes through my mind when i enter the kitchen

Inline image 6
^^^the perks of serving at the MoBat

Inline image 4
^^^how they did dentistry in the 1840's 

This week was crazy busy, but what i have really learned is that God has a divine plan for all of us. It may require us to struggle and go through trials, but that is why he sent his Son Jesus Christ. So we never have to feel lost on our journey back home! 

I love you all so much! Hope you have a great week!!! 
Sister Price❤


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FAVORITE YOUNGEST SISTER FEEF!!!!!! I love you so much and hope that you have a very special day and that tori gives you an extra special wedgie today;)!πŸ’™

Training Sister Gygi (Geegee) makes me look and see how much i have grown on my mission. To me right now i feel like the same Sister Price as i always have been, but seeing where Sister Gygi is (which is where i was at the beginning of my mission) and then seeing where i am now, HOLY SMOKES its a world of a difference. 

This week, not going to lie was straight up rough. We helped teach gospel principles to all of our investigators which speak a combination of (french, spanish, swahili, and kinawanda) and they all barely speak english. So we have to figure out how to help these people understand the gospel without really speaking english (WHICH IS THE ONLY LANGUAGE I KNOW!!) so that was a little frustrating.....i feel like im expected to pull some miracle out of nowhere and all the sudden know how to speak swahili. So pray that somehow i get the gift of tongues and can know how to help all these refugees. 

But the highlight of the week was Sister Patterson came to San Diego to visit me!!! (she will never make it out of the weekly email lol) (and i like to think that the whole purpose of her coming to San Diego was to visit me...but it probs wasnt...oh well) Tender Mercies that is all that i can say! She came to the Battalion and surprised me (and all the other sisters for that matter, no one knew that she was coming!) I got to meet her beautiful family (finally) and see her in pants...which was the weirdest part ;) 

now for the weekly pics

Inline image 1
^^Last Pday at La Jolla Cove😍😍😍😍😍

Inline image 2
^^^^^the SD Spanish Zone (yeah they adopted me into this zone)

Inline image 3
^^^seeing this picture made me realize how long my hair im going to chop it today...:) #YouWillFindOutHowShortICutItNextWeek....:)

Inline image 4
^^^^it finally rained yesterday!! 

love yall so much!! Keep it Classy and remember to read the scriptures! 

Sister PriceπŸ’œ


Transfers are today, and i have some big news! Im having another baby! Im training AGAIN with Sister Trujillo, and we are still Sister Training Leaders (so we will see how that goes...) So i am excited to be in my first trio ever! Our trainee is Sister Gygi and she is from Boston! (ah i love people from the east coast!) we have not met her yet but we will tonight!
This week was pretty adventurous, and i am making up for all the pictures that i didnt send last week! So here ya go!
Inline image 1
^^someone sent me this pic-its when me and Sister Patterson learned how to cook like pioneers with our good friend Johnny over there...#NothingOnAMissionIsNormal
Inline image 2
^^^Zone meeting this week. Yes i am still in Zone 2...6 transfers later...and i will probably be in this zone for the rest of my mission....

Inline image 3
^^^^this pink pinata is what Sister Trujillo wants to be for Halloween...

Inline image 5

Inline image 6
^^^oh i just love City Heights.....we found this Vietnamese temple this week. I thought it looked super cool, but our temples are way better :)

Inline image 7
^^^and best part of the week SHAKINA GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOO!!!! It was the greatest baptism ever. Usually at baptisms something always goes wrong, but this one was really not all that stressful which i was SO grateful for!

I hope you all have a great week!! Love you all so much
Sister Price❤

Saint McCook

this week was crazy!!!!! by crazy i mean im trying really hard to remember what happened......
But the highlight of the week was that we added 11 new investigators this week! #finally 
This week when we went over to a members house for service (Sister McCook) she told us that yesterday she was talking to her neighbor as she was taking the trash out. She found out that her neighbor was going through some hard times in her life. When we went over she told us that we should go and knock on her door. Me and my companion were a little hesitant because she lives in military housing and it is VERY MUCH against the law to proselyte in military housing!!! So we role play like a million times the way that we are going to introduce ourselves to her neighbor without seeming weird, creepy, or any of the other things random people think missionaries are. So we knock on her door and miracle is SHE LET US IN!!!! What i really love about this experience is Sister McCook didnt really even know her neighbor, but she followed the small prompting of the spirit to send the missionaries over-even if it may have seemed a little weird! So folks dont hesitate to follow the spirit! You never know what is going to happen!!:)

Also here are some really great pictures that my companion took of me at random moments of the day...Enjoy:)
Inline image 1

Inline image 2

Inline image 3
Inline image 4

Love you all so much!!! Talk to you next week!!!:)
❤ Sister Price