California San Diego Mission

California San Diego Mission

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Barrio 20 sacrament meeting

Happy Fathers Day!!!!!! Well late Father's Day!! I hope Dad got the
card that I sent him!:) just like what Tyson did I want to give a huge
shout out to the best dad ever!!!! The man that would go running with
me at 5:30 in the morning, wake me up to the smell of breakfast, and
force me to mow the lawn! A man that has sacrificed and served me
since the day I was born! Dad you are my hero and my very best friend!
❤️I love you with all my heart!!! Thank you for all that you do,
especially all the hard work you give so I can be here on a mission!
My life would not be the same without you.

 This week was pretty good. On a scale of 1-10 I would say it was a 8
1/2. Last P day me and the sister Allen and Trujillo went to downtown
San Diego and watched airplanes land. I know it sounds super lame, but
It was so exciting. There is this parking garage right next to the
airport and the ocean, and we went to the very top of the 6th floor
and could almost touch the landing planes. It was by far on of my
favorite P-day activities. I will send you a picture of the view we

Dad said that this week Roswell was really hot. I believe that is so
true, it is getting hotter here in San Diego and I hateeeee it. For
some odd reason people here do not believe in air conditioning. Reason
number 749392 why people in Cali are crazy!! So all the people we
teach and our apartment do not have AC, and i sweat my guts out all
hours of the day, and then I have to put a pioneer dress on....It's my
favorite.....pray that I don't cut all my hair off this summer. So
moral of this comment, I have learned to appreciate air conditioning a
whole heck of a lot more then I did pre-mish life.

Here we go, highlight of the week ANNA GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!! Anna was
the 16 year old girl that I was teaching in my last area, I taught her
all of the lessons and then I got transferred, but this last Saturday
she got dunked!!! Wooo! We reactivated her dad and he was the one that
baptized her. (Only because I don't hold the priesthood or I would
have done it;) jkjk but she had such an amazing baptism!! Sooo many
people came!! The Congo family and our other investigator, Amber, came
to the baptism, which is great because they are all going to get
baptized as well. They got a little preview of what their future will
be like!! #July9th! Me and Sister Patterson taught the restoration at
Annas baptism and personally I thought we did a killer job. Usually
most missionaries get up there and use a dumb little pamphlet that no
one can see, but me and Sister Patterson made a slide show! Which is
very hard to do because we have such limited resources and lots of
restrictions to technology.

So you are all probably wondering how my wart is doing. (That's a
sentence I never thought I would say..) Well first off a big thank you
to Mom for sending that awesome package! It helped so much! So my foot
was getting better, I could walk on it like a semi normal person, then
my mission presidents wife (who went to medical school and is a
doctor) told me that if I take the skin off the wart will come with
it. So of course I picked at my foot because what else do I have to do
as a missionary.....?? Well I picked off a lot of skin and my foot had
this weird white layer on it and it was super tender so I decided to
stop, and I cut so much skin off that I once again couldn't walk on
it.....-_- stupid.stupid.stupid. So since I couldn't walk on it and we
still had appointment we had to go to, my comp let me borrow her
slippers. Yes I wore slippers out in public with a maxi dress and
limped around like a total complete idiot. (I realized most of the
things that I do as a missionary are completely stupid and weird) But
now it's better and I can walk on it and life is back to

Also I had to go to a different sacrament meeting this week because of
the battalion, long story, so the only ward available was Barrio 20 a
Spanish ward in the ghetto. Ok this was such an experience let me tell
you! Haha So there is another set of battalion sisters that serve in
this ward, so we are going to car pool with them. And to make it all
more interesting we are all wearing the same outfit (I will send pics)
we all look ridiculous! We walk into the chapel and it looks like a
Catholic Church......and everyone comes up to me and my companion and
asks us if we are new. in my Spanglish I tell them the reason why we
are visiting. Sacrament starts and we have two speakers, the first
speaks on faith. The second speaks on the temple. They totally preach
false doctrine....they say you have to read every scripture before you
enter the temple (which is definitely not true) so yeah anyway in a
Catholic looking church, everyone is speaking Spanish, and then the
bishop gets up and speaks. He starts off by talking about his health
issues which I didn't really understand, then he asks the whole
congregation to pull a coin out of their pocket and bring it to
him.....everyone starts pulling out money and bringing it up to give
to the bishop. I'm sitting here super confused at what's going on. All
the other missionaries that know Spanish are looking around horrified
at what the bishop is saying. He starts giving this analogy about
money and starts to cry... Ok I'm really confused now. Then he tells
the whole ward that all this money is going to go to the church
activities fund.....hahahahah im so glad I'm not in that ward.

My favorite senior couple that work at the Battalion are the
Sinclairs. One day Elder Sinclair went out back behind the Battalion
to get something out of the shed, and when he went out there was a
homeless lady peeing on the shed. Yup, she had her pants down around
her ankles and was letting it loose in the back of the MoBat. Classy
right? Haha reason number 1849392 why I do not like homeless

Well the weeks seem to be getting shorter and the temperature is
getting hotter, pray that I can make it through the summer with no AC.
I love you all so much!! Biggest and best wishes to yall!

Sister Olivia Price

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