California San Diego Mission

California San Diego Mission

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


this week was really rough.......

So to start off the CSDM got facebook....something that im really not excited about because i thought that i left facebook at home. Nope the law of consecration is real. So we got training on how our facebook need to look as if we have only been a missionary for our whole life (which means that i have like 6 years of posts to clean off my profile) So i start fixing up my profile. It felt like i was standing in an ocean getting hit continually with waves of memories. After about a solid hour and a half of this abuse i get a violent call from the mission president telling me that my profile is not missionary appropriate and that no one cares how many track meets or volleyball tournaments i played in, and that i needed to delete it all......if any of you served a mission you know how harsh that is coming from your mission president. Part of me wants to be obedient to what President Schmitt has to say, but the other half of me feels like if i delete these pictures that im deleting who i was. So im the midst of all this i make a compulsive decision to just delete my whole account all together so i dont have to worry about my friends judging me for being a nun. So folks i no longer have a normal facebook account. I am now Sister-Olivia Price and if you want to see the most molly Mormon sad profile go ahead and add me. :) 

Well this week has not been the best. Hopefully next week will be better. Me and my companion didnt take any pictures so i have 0 to send...i will be better next week. 

❤ Olivia

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