California San Diego Mission

California San Diego Mission

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Summer Romance Ends

Have you ever seen those classic love movies where the boy and girl meet at the beginning of the summer, spend all summer together, then after a couple of months one of them has to leave and go to school or something? And both of their hearts break because they want to spend the rest of eternity together? You know those movies? This morning as I took Sister Patterson to the airport I felt like I was in one of those movies....that or i felt like part of my heart was getting ripped from my chest..3 transfers of pure bliss that is all i have to say! I feel like im still trying to recover from her leaving, but i know that her family is going to be so excited to see her! (psstt Terri dont forget to send me picture!;)  

So let me just say something spiritual real quick. Something really amazing that i learned from being with Sister Patterson is how to truly follow the example of Jesus Christ as a missionary, but have fun at the same time. She made decisions that would help others around her and put her absolute heart into everything she did. Weather that was sticking pictures on the wall or teaching someone about the Restoration. I dont think there was a single day that i saw Sister Patterson outwardly show someone that she didnt care. Everything always mattered. She put her entire heart and soul into her mission and she made a difference in many peoples life (including mine). 

But i have a new companion now! Sister Trujillo!! She is from Honduras and is the only sister at the Battalion taller then me! So it should be really fun! So since S.Patty was leaving this week we just ate a lot with members....#oops but here are a ton of pics of the different members we are with!!:D

Inline image 1
^^^ Last Sunday with S.Patt and the Congo Family

Inline image 2

Inline image 3
^^^taking the bae to the airport this morning 
(many many tears followed this moment)

Inline image 4
^^^We have the coolest district ever haha #justKidding

Inline image 5
^^^eating at a restaurant that costs more then my life
Inline image 6

Inline image 7
^^^^we cleaned the car out (the one holding the bat is my new companion!) 

Well i love you all so much!! Sorry for the short email and the long love letter about S.Patterson. 

💜 Sister O.Price

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