California San Diego Mission

California San Diego Mission

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

King Tut

Last pday was probably the greatest day of my mission. Ohhhh it was
sooo great!!!:) so first off let me tell you that all the full
proselyting missionaries are secretly envious of Battalion sister
because they all want to work at the Battalion. (If we had it my way
everyone would work at the Battalion because it can be so tedious
sometimes...but anyway) missionaries have always wanted to be the tour
guides at the site, but have never been allowed to because as a
missionary you are not allowed to have fun. But last week Elder Dahl,
Seibers, and Taunauta came to the battalion, dressed up in the old man
costumes, and took me my comp, sisters Allen and Trujillo on tour.
This tour was by far the greatest thing in my LIFE!!!! These elders
had been practicing the tour before they came, and brought extra props
with them to make the tour more "interesting." Elder Dalh is about to
go home so he basically had the tour memorized, but Elder Seibers is
brand new and only took the tour once so it was funny to see all the
things he remembered from the first time he went.

Anyway for all of you that have been to the MoBat you know about the
battle of the Bulls. In the elders tour they had a battle, but it was
the battle of the Mexican pillow fighters. So during that time in the
tour we had a huge pillow fight. Hahaha it was so fun!!!

This week as me and Sister Patterson were strolling the streets of Oak
Park we found a family of 10 people!!! Woo jack pot! They are also
from the Congo so we brought our recent convert to the lesson. She
loved it!! She told us she had never felt so happy as she did teaching
the gospel to her fellow Africans!! So after we leave this appointment
we are walking out of this gated apartment complex (personally I don't
know why it was gated because it was the scariest place ever, didn't
know if it was to keep the creepy people out or to hold them in??) we
walk by this huge group of black people and they are totally looking
at us like they are going to eat us...I think it's because they have
never seen two white girls in this part of town before...but anyway
this thug nasty woman/man??? walks up to me and my companion. You can
smell all the marijuana that she has been smoking, and see in her eyes
that she is crazzzyyy!! She asks us who we are and we say the normal
routine phrase. With her crazy eyes she looks at me and gets closer
and says "ohhhhh Jesus people HAA hahahahaha" *inset psycho druggy
laugh* then she sees my nametag (but gets literally 2 inches away from
me to read it) and says "Sister Price, you like Jesus Sister Price,
teach me something about Jesus." At this point in scared out of my
skirt because this women looks like she could beat the living day
light out of me. And she is talking right in my face so I can smell
everything she has been smoking for last last 8 years of her life. Not
to mention her posse has gathered around us as if we are going to
fight. But I act calm, as if all the friends I ever had were insane
drug abusers. It's hard to think under this kind of pressure, so the first thing 
i ask her is her name, since she obviously now knows mine. She says her name 
is King Tut.....??? What King Tut?? Im pretty sure thats not your name...
Your parents did not name you King Tut..? Oh well, she starts giving me the history of 
why she is named King Tut. Luckily there was a little girl that ran up in the middle of 
all of this and saved my life. Every time i go to that apartment complex im 
secretly dreading that i dont run into King Tut again....

Anyway i love you all!! Hope you have a great week!! Tell me all the stuff going on in 
your life! i want to know!!:)


Olivia Price, Sister

Inline image 1
^^the sketchy place we do our laundry, and the dresses that we wear just about every p-day!

Inline image 2
^^last pday when the Elders took us on tour!

Inline image 3
^^this may or may not be appropriate to send, but this is what our dinner appointments look complete chaos 

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