California San Diego Mission

California San Diego Mission

Sunday, April 3, 2016

DaY 161

so this week i had to use my epi pen again..........satan is trying to kill me so i cant do missionary work. i ate this salad this week that had cranberry walnut salad dressing and my heart started hurting. It was a weird reaction....i tried so hard to not have to use my epi pen, i took benadryl and drank lots of water, but alas i had to stab myself because i thought me heart was going to stop because it hurt to bad....-_- so now i need more epi pens. But this week just about every single house we have gone to to eat dinner has had nuts in things.....-_- these members are trying to kill me!!! So the mission presidents wife told me some tips of what i can do in my situation:) 

This week was really cool because i met Dad's friend Tyler:) He is SOOO nice and i got to take him and his family on tour! I had the best time talking with them and getting to know them. He speaks very highly about the Price family! Especially about Nancy:) I now feel like i have someone in my mission that i can turn to if i need anything, kinda like mission parents! And i also got to meet Taylor the person that Tyson knows! He is super nice but i didnt get to take him on tour because i wasnt in my pioneer dress...:( 

This week some miracles happened!!!!!! so my companion wanted to go to lunch with her family because they came to the Battalion and if you have been on a mission you know that that is TOTALLY not allowed!!!!  But she didnt care and wanted to do it anyway, well she did the right thing and asked the mission president and he said no. So instead we went out to eat at this place down the street from the Battalion, it is called Cafe Coyote and it is sooooo good! when we go to pay for our food, the waitress says our meal has been taken care of! there were some members sitting behind us and paid for our food!!!! LIKE WHAT!!!! it was the nicest thing someone could have done for us! And then there was this mariachi band walking around singing to people for money and one of the guys in the band sang to us because he was a member of the church! and we didnt have to pay either! and then right as we were walking out of the restaurant  this lady pulls us over and hands us 10 dollars and says to use it for laundry. she was also a member of the church and has a son on a mission and knows how hard it is and just wanted to give us a little bit of help! LIKE WHAT?!!! it was so awesome!!! you definitely see miracles when you are obedient and listen to the mission president:) 

So spiritaul thought for the week for family home evening i want you all to read "HIS GRACE IS SUFFICIENT" by Brad Wilcox!!! It is my absolute favorite! he is a genius and i am so glad that you sent me some of his CD's that i can listen to in the car! (ps i love all the CD"s that you sent me!!) but read that talk because it talks about Christs grace and the atonement. Second off i want  to share something that i learned this week! So as a member of the church we all get into this habit of studying the scriptures and learning about the things that Christ taught. Am i right?? We do all this studying and learning and then what?? what do we do with that knowledge?? Most of the time we do nothing with it. we just keep it stored up in our mind for future reference right?? Well i am here to say that we all need to be more like Christ!!! we need to take all that knowledge that we have and APPLY it into our life! Use what we learn into our daily interaction with other! So that we BECOME the gospel!  When we become the things that we learn we grow closer to our Savior and are less likely to sin! And honestly what more do you wnt in this life? Being closer to the savior and sinning less?? Wow that sounds pretty amazing to me! So this week everyone will you apply what you learn in the scriptures or in church and become more like the Savior?? I know that as you apply the teaching of Christ you will feel more joy and peace in your life. And i testify that the hardest as well as the easiest of times can be a blessing!! 

I love you all so much and pray for you all the time!!!! This year is a full year of missionary work and i hope you all have set faithful goals of the things that you want to become through the Savior this year!!!!:) 


Hermana Precio 

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