California San Diego Mission

California San Diego Mission

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Peter got baptized!!!


so this week was really interesting! we do this thing in the mission called MTE's (missionary training experience) and its were we have training from our mission president for half a day, then we switch companions for the rest fo the day and then the next day we get more training from our mission president. They are not my favorite things, but thats ok because we do them every 3 months. and i was so lucky to get a companion that speaks mandarin for the rest of Wednesday i went and taught people in chinese. Now i know what you are all thinking where in the world did i learn chinese. to answer that question i didnt. i had NO IDEA WHAT WAS GOING ON!!!!!! haha its was so weird because all the people that the mandarins teach are college students and we went and taught then at UCSD. It was so werid to be on a college campus again and i could just imagine how weird it would be if i was in college and saw the missionaries teaching some kid in the library....yup that would be me. so it was a really weird experience and i learned a little bit of mandarin. 

Also i went on exchanges with my trainer and first companion Sister Stirland! it was so great!! she is literally the best missionary ever and i love her to death! we are much better friend now that we are out of training and i know what to do!:) so it was really nice to get to spend the day with her and to actually have someone to talk to because my companion never talks to really working with her on it. 

Anyway my firend Peter Rej got baptized this week!! woo! Baptism number four! so exciting! i cant believe that Februrary is almost over.... this is so weird. Before you know it i am going to be home again! wahh! seven months has flown by, well some parts of it have. but anyway im going great! just trying to make all the battalion sisters my best friends because i have to hang out with them so dang often! 

and i hope you all read my email about what i learned this week! it was pretty dang cool:) God is good! 

i love you all so much and send lots of love from San Diego!!! 

enjoy the pics and videos and i missed an email from Kaylee this week...:(

Sister Price

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