California San Diego Mission

California San Diego Mission

Sunday, April 3, 2016


this week has seriously been soooooo amazing! So this entire transfer (past 6 weeks) the work has been really slow. We dont really have anyone to teach and i have been really discouraged about it, but still continue to work hard because "nothing bad ever came from a little hard work" -Tim Price 
i continue to work hard and be exactly obedient and pray because sooner or later we are going to find someone that wants to listen to us. This past sunday i fasted for people to baptize and HOLY COW MY PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED!!!!! this week we found 5 new investigators! 5! THAT IS SOOO MANY!!  That has never ever ever happened to me before! On sunday i got this phone call from a member that lives in Ramona and he said that he had been working with his friend to share the gospel with him and he has taken him to temple square and to the TiaJuana open house and he has been to BYU and he wants to know what makes mormon so different. He says that he sees something different about us and he wants to know what it is. He said that he has been searching for something in his life and thinks that The Church of Jesus Christ might be what he has been looking for....!!! we had a lesson with him yesterday, he is a famous businessman but the lesson was SO GREAT! the spirit was so strong as me and my companion bore strong witness of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and promised him that if he read it that he would come to the same conclusion! The next lesson that we are going to teach is the plan of salvation and i know he is going to love it! 

Something really cool about being on a mission is not only the fact that God answers my prayers, but i can feel the blessings of other peoples prayers. I know that my family and lots of friends and people all over the world pray for the missionaries, and i can really feel that their prayers are being answered. That God is helping me out in answer to their prayers! what a wonderful privilege i have to be here on a mission and to serve! 

So this week i learned in a conference talk "The First Great Commandment" october of 2012 written by my all time favorite apostle Jeffery R Holland, that we need to remain loyal to God at every stage of our life! There is never a time when we should think that we are too good to not obey the commandments. That we are too good to share the gospel. God gives us all of his love and we can receive the fulness of his promised blessings if we remain loyal and love God throughout all stages of our lives.  Just something to think about, are you doing all that you can to remain loyal to God and your savior Jesus Christ? 

This week we also had the COOLEST ZONE CONFERENCE!!! it was up in the mountains in Ramona and we went on this really cool hike. I will have to tell you all about it when i get home because i could write like a 10 page novel of all the cool things that happened at zone conference in the mountains. but i just want you all to know that the San Diego mission is truly the best! The district 2 was filmed here because it is the highest baptizing mission in the united states. (which i didnt know till this week) i am so blessed to be serving in such a wonderful place full of truly outstanding people! 

i love you all so much and miss you like crazy! i cant wait to talk to the fam on mothers day and I CANT BELIEVE FEEF IS DOING GOLF!!! WOOO! that is so cool! and way to go Kaylee for doing so well at the track meet! i really miss running with you! and hope that you had a happy birthday! best wishes to all of you and i pray for you all everyday! Know that i am working so hard out here in SD and cant wait to see you all in 10 months! 

Liv (Sister Price)

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