California San Diego Mission

California San Diego Mission

Sunday, April 3, 2016


Just want to start of by saying LATE HAPPY EASTER!!! i did some cool things for easter that i will tell you about in this email! But this week the weather has been soooo nice! its like a perfect 73 degrees with sunshine and i will be the first one to say that its the best weather to not be a missionary....i just want to go to the beach and play volleyball in this weather, but nope i gotta be in a full on pioneer dress and be a slave...jk im not really a slave but its sure feels like it sometimes with all these dang rules.

So yall are probably wondering why the subject of this email is buckets, well i have a baptism tonight (7:00 at the mission valley building if you want to come :)  and it is the funniest thing. The lady that is being baptized, her name is Paula. She is a 50ish year old lady and she is SUPER OOBER RICH!!!! holy smokes she has so much money, she will give a fifty dollar bill to some of the homeless people around her house. Well her husband is a weathly chinese man and doesnt know that she meets with the missionaries, so we have been meeting with her in secret and she had read the entire book of mormon and knows that it is true and lives all the gospel standard so on friday we asked her what she had against being baptized? this is her exact answer "well i don't really want to get my hair wet!" WHAT????? YOU DONT WANT TO BE SAVED BECAUSE YOU DONT WANT YOUR PRECIOUS HAIR TO GET WET???? im sure you could buy yourself a whole hair facotry with all the money you have Paula!! so i replied with "well you can wear a swim cap?" (which i was not sure if it was allowed, but i said it anyway cuz hmm why not?) so she said "ohh really i didnt even think about that? ok i guess i will get baptized." and so we were trying to find a time like next month for her to be baptized and she said that those dates were too far away that she wanted to get baptized on tuesday. TUESDAY!!!! LIKE IN FOUR DAYS!!!!  So now she is going to get baptized with a white swim cap on because she doesnt want to get her precious hair wet. hahaha i will take lots of pics so you can see how funny it looks! i will send you a video of the building that she lives is. Its massive! but anyway Paula is finally going to get baptized today! :D

So mom and dad i want you to know that the director of the MoBat told me that i give the best tours at the battalion, that is something to be proud of! And over the past couple of months from giving this tour i have realized that i really like to act. People always ask me at the end of the tour if i took acting lessons before my mission and NOPE im just a natural at it! so i now know why i get called here!:) at the end of my mission i want the whole family to come see so they can see how awesome i am at giving tours :)

so this week we went over to a less actives house to give them a movie "the lamb of God" its about the real meaning of Easter and when we went over they invited us to dye easter eggs with them, and IT WAS SOO FUN!! i had a blast! i will send you a video of the two little girls singing and the littlest girl is my favorite she is sooo goofy looking, she has no front teeth, bleach blonde hair and dark brown eyes and likes to pretend that she is a cat. She had me dye all her easter eggs for her because she straight up loves me so much! she even  wrote on an egg "i love you" so that was the best part of easter was getting to dye easter eggs with this cute family that never come to church but its ok because i still love them so much:) but i didn't get easter dinner like Tyson did, no one signed up to feed us dinner this week....-_- or next week....-_- sooo that means im going to be eating candy all week because i have no real food. 

anyway im excited for the baptism tonight and love you all so much!! and miss you like crazy!! hope the fam is having an enjoyable spring break! loveeee youuuu!!! 

really missed your email this week Kaylee...:(

Olivia Precio 

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