California San Diego Mission

California San Diego Mission

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Why Easter Eggs..?? Day 231

This week was knarley! (Yeah I don't know how to spell...been out of
school for too long) but to start off this week TRISTAN got to make a
grand appearance here in the big city of Sandy Eggo!! It was so fun!
Went to Jamba Juice just like old times at Weber State! As a
missionary you are stressed out 99 percent of the time which is soooo
great....-_- and it was such a stress relief to get to talk to
Tristan. I felt normal again! So thanks T for that:)
Also this week I decided I needed to have more fun, because I don't
want to look back at my mission and think "man that was so stressful I
would not want to do that again..." I want to enjoy the time I have
here, SOOO this week I cut my companions hair! Hahaha I cut like 4
inches off. But let me tell you it looks soooooo good!! I did a
straight up fantastic job if I do say so myself. So now all the MoBat
sister want me to cut their hair #HiddenTalent :)
Also this week the new Easter initiative video came out. Its the Hallelujah one.  It's a good
video, but personally I like the Christmas one better...but at the
MoBat we hang up a big banner and all kinds of stuff in honor of this
new video. We go all out! And the picture that is on all these banners and pass a
long cards is a famous pic of Christ. Annnddd I don't know if you have
seen it, but it looks like a Catholic picture of Christ. So we call
this Easter initiative Capture the Catholics!! Haha I think it's so
funny! We gunna baptized all the Catholics! But I don't want to hand
out those dang pass-a-long cards....
So when we go to our recent converts house we always pass by this
place that says "psychic" and I asked her if she had ever been there
cuz it looks pretty cool, and she said she thinks it's like some
undercover business because she never sees anyone there except for the
same cars. It sounds pretty sketch so I took a pic outside of it and I
always tease my comp that we are going to go there on p-day! Get to
the bottom of this undercover business.
Over all folks I enjoy being here in SD. It's knarley! I have a
brighter out look on my mission and I'm here to bring buckets of
salvation and to have fun! Cuz what's the point of doing something if
you are not going to enjoy it?
Stay safe everyone! Remember the real reason for Easter and not the
dumb bunny that brings eggs....(literally makes no sense..) :) haha my
Philippino comp asked me why we have Easter eggs and I was all "the
Easter bunny comes to your house and leaves you eggs.....wait a
minute....bunnies don't lay eggs....." So if you know why we Americans
do that, please shed some light to me, cuz idk?!?

I miss you all so much and cant wait for MAY! when i get to skype home! 
Wooo! Half way down almost...:)

i love you!! (missed your email this week kaylee...)

The One and holy 
Sister Price...:)

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