California San Diego Mission

California San Diego Mission

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

CHRISTMAS!!!!! 5 months!!!

This week so much happened!!!! 
i will start on Christmas eve! Sister Sorensons grandparents came to the MoBat and then took us out to dinner that night (which i dont think is allowed...) but they took us to this really really nice restaurant. They wanted to take us to the nicest one that they could find to treat us right for Christmas. I got a 37 dollar steak!!!!! Like whaaaa! So that was really nice, we had a lot of delicious food so that was awesome. They also got us Christmas presents! woo! and then i went home and opened all my presents! Because i wasn't going to have time the next morning. All the sisters sad in the hallway of the apartment building and we opened them together so that was really fun!:) I want to thank everyone for all the wonderful things that you sent me!! It was such a memorable Christmas:) So then the next day (Christmas day) me and the comp go to the marnie base and sing to the marines. It was such a cool experience!! we go into this building and it is freezing col because they don't give the marines AC or heating, and these poor marnie's sit down and are allowed to eat one cookie. So we give them a cookie and sing to them and they are all crying. These huge grown men are weeping because they are alone on Christmas. They literally have NOTHING!!! Not even heating! i thought my situation was not fun, NO it could be worse, i could be a marine in boot camp right now. So then after we sing the mission president gets up and he shares this beautiful poem about a marine and Santa. It is the most touching poem i have ever heard and it made me cry. I cried so much. I realized that missionaries are a lot like marines. We both sacrifice so much to serve. We are both fighting. Missionaries are fighting a spiritual battle, and marines a physical battle. But no matter if we are not with our families for Christmas, no matter if we have a lot of presents or just a cookie, the one thing that is given to all of us this Christmas is Christ. Jesus Christ was born so we can all live again. He will never leave us alone. The atonement is available for all that desire it and on that cold Christmas morning that is what i learned. 
After we left that i went to the church and GOT TO CALL MY FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!! shortest 40 minutes of my life, but it was so good to talk to you all even though you all make fun of my for being spiritual...-_-...thanks for being insensitive, but none the less i was so happy to see you all! Truly made my day/ year/ most memorable Christmas ever! and if you are all wondering yes i did cry! Ok does that make me any less of a women if i cried saying goodbye to my family? i say NO! then after that i went to the Battalion the rest of the day. 
Then the nest day something so so so so so so cool happened! it was totally an answer to my prayer! i have been praying to go Spanish speaking because i want to learn Spanish so bad, but i don't think that it will ever happen, so instead i got to go on exchanges with Hermana Barney and i got to go Spanish speaking for one day!!!!!! IT WAS SO AWESOME!!!!!!! we ate dinner with the Aguliar Family at this Peruvian place and man it was so good, and the whole time everyone is speaking Spanish and i understood about 60 percent of what was being said so i was pretty impressed...:) I even got to speak to them and they just laugh when i speak Spanish and tell me how cute i am...but it was so awesome! we went to this lesson and i couldn't say much, but the man could understand English so i spoke English to him and he would respond in Spanish..which i couldn't understand most of the time, but the most amazing thing about it was even when you don't know the language that is being spoken you can still feel the spirit and it still testifies to you that what is being said is true! I felt the spirit so strong in that lesson, even though i didn't understand what was being said!! Like whaaaa??? It was truly an experience that increased my faith and i am so thankful for the time that i had to go Spanish speaking!!!:D 
Then on Sunday sister sorensons WHOLE family came to the Battalion and it was crazy. He family is awesome and fun and it made me wish that my family was here visiting me:) Oh by the way everyone now says that i have the MOST HILARIOUS family:) way to go guys! 

Oh I totally forgot something totally important this week! we baptized FAITH!!!!! wooo! i will send pics of it all! but her baptism was totally the most stressful thing ever....but she did it so yayy! she is in the kingdom now!:)I love you all so much and love all the emails that you send me now that you all have the latest iphone;) talk to you all next week! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!! 

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