California San Diego Mission

California San Diego Mission

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Sodom and Gomorrah

Greetings from California where people commonly walk down the road without shoes on! Seriously though people never wear shoes around here it is weird....and also every person that lives in my area (Point Loma) has a telescope in their front room so they can spy on people at the beach! lol The area that i am in is a really rich part of San Diego. Everyone has a nice house by the beach, they all drive brand new BMW's or porches, and absolutely have ZERO time for Jesus! So i like to compare it to Sodom and Gomorrah :) the people here are......real just kidding we get doors slammed in our face sooo much but its partly ok because at least i get to look at the ocean while it happens :) 

So this week we went over to a less actives house (this less active is a big latino lady) and tried to share the new easter video with her (the video is 2 minutes). She said that she didnt have time (which this is like the 10th time she has told us this). i get the vibe that she is basically trying to hide from us missionaries so therefore i keep wanting to go over to her house because its so funny to me to see what kind of excuse she makes us. So she goes on to tell us her excuse of why she cant watch a two minute video and its because she just got out of the hospital bla bla bla and needs to clean her house and bla bla bla and so us kind missionaries ask if we can help her clean her house and she hesitates and so i just walk on in and start helping her. haha bingo im in. Once we help her clean i know that we will be able to accomplish our goal of sharing this video with her. (im a very goal driven person so i was not going to leave without showing this to her) so we clean her nasty house and then she tell us she has to leave but she asks us if we need any bras. i think to myself "....ummm are you going to give me one of your bras because i know FOR SURE its not going to fit me...!" we dont even respond to the question and she brings out this huge bin of bras. She tells us that she use to sell bras and has a bunch extra. She opens the lid and i look at the size of these sling shots and start laughing out loud. (probably should not have laughed that was probably a little rude) but the size of these things were 32E and 34TRIPLE D! hahahaha heck no lady these are not going to fit me. and they are not going to fit my companion either! so moral of the story is that a lady tried to give me a bunch of bras for doing service for her. it was hilarious, but i still have not shown her that video.....-_-

Also yesterday me and Sister Moreno went to the dentist. It was so werid going to another dentist that was not my dad. their office was so bland and i 100 compared it to my dads office and Dad let me tell you your office is sooo great and feels like home to me! i will forever be grateful for it! But i just got x-rays and my companion had to get a root canal because she had a dead tooth that had an infection in it....yikes i felt bad for her. I will send pics:) but as weird as i felt at the dentist the best part was the music! The dentist had music playing, like normal music that you would hear on the radio and i WAS LOVING IT!!!!!!! I was like Sister Moreno you should get your teeth fixed more often. I got to listen to music for a straight hour and i was in HEAVEN! haha gotta love the mission rules right?

Also we went and saw this elderly lady who has dementia. SHe owns this HUGE beautiful house right on the beach and we walk in and this is how the conversation goes 
old lady "hello so tell me where you are from"
S.Moreno "im from the Philippines"
old lady "oh wow so how did you get here?"
S.moreno "...umm im on my mission here for 18 months..??"
old lady "and tell me where you are from"
me "i am from New Mexico" 
old lady "oh wow that is not too far from home for you!" 
me "nope not too far from home" 
old lady "great great jesus is great. But how about we talk about where you are from?"
S. Moreno "i am from the southern part of the Philippines"
old lady "so did the church bring you here to america or how did you get here?" 
S moreno "no i am serving my mission here in San Diego"
old lady "ohh ok well what about you where are you from?"
me- "i am from New Mexico"
old lady "oh isnt that nice, you are kinda close to home arent you?"
me "oh yeah so close to home here...?"
old lady "well i have lived here in San Diego my whole life. It has been such a great experience. I have loved the weather here so much. But do they have the beach where you are from? Why dont you tell me where you are from?" 

this was the extent of our conversation with her. It was soooo funny:) she is a hoot! i was so tempted to tell her a different place ever time she asked me where i was from. This made me think of Mom when she kept giving the old lady the phone book at the office when she asked for a dictionary! hahaha 

well this week has been really good! we found some really great investigators. Hopefully we will have some baptisms this transfer :) I really appreciated everyone's emails, yall did a fantastic job this week! A+!! i love you all so much and eagerly wait for your response!! 


Texas (thats what they call me at the MoBat) 
Sister Olivia Ann Price $$$$$$

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