California San Diego Mission

California San Diego Mission

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Day 203

i have almost made it to 7 months!! i thought for sure i would have gone home by now! lol still going strong so that is a straight miracle!;) 

I sent you all a really long email about the spiritual experience that i had this week and i hope you will all read it with care and feel the spirit as you read it because that came right from my heart. And i know my family is not a very spiritual family.....(dont try to deny it y'all need lots more of Jesus!) so please family read that email with an open heart. Read it so you can to a small extent understand how hard this is for me. ok? 

On that note since i know how much my family loves hearing about my spiritual experiences (not at all they probably hate it...-_-) i will instead talk about all the cool people that i met this week. So this week i ate at this members house and his name is Russel Phill and he FILMED THE SHOW SURVIVOR!!!! He is soo cool and has a house right on the coast so outside his window he has a great view of the city and the ocean. The best part was that he fed us a nice steak dinner! A STEAK DINNER!!!!! he knows how to treat the missionaries! His wife is a dentist so she is literally Dr. Phill! haha how cool is that! He had some cool stories to share with us and let us bring all the extra food home! so i had steak dinner 2 nights in a row! Wooo! i literally have the best mission in the whole world! 
Then last night i ate at the Sandfords home, he is in the bishopric and he is soooo funny! He is the one that send a pic to Mom:) the first question that he asks me and my companion when we sit down to eat is "Soooo did you leave any boyfriends at home..??" 
lol who says that?  But he is my favorite person in the ward so far because i feel so at home with him and his family. His wife is so nice and cooks amazing food! If i could i would just spend my days at the members homes and not go find new investigators because the members are so fun to hang out with!;) i am one lucky missionary. Last night we went to go to a part members house and we drive up to the house and my mouth drops to the floor. This is probably a 10 million dollar house. IT WAS HUGE!!!! on the coast witha view of the city and had a huge double wide metal fence with stairs leading up to it. It had huge hedges and then you walk up to the house and there is a massive fountain that you could bathe in, then you keep walking and you walk right past this MASSIVE pool with a diving board and umbrellas and chairs all around it. wahhh it was so amazing. but no one answered...but dont worry because i will be going back to it! haha 

So yeah this week as full of great moments and really really terrible ones. But the weather is perfect here in SD and i am so blessed to be here. Pray that we will be able to find new investigaros and have less rejection (although i think thats bound to happen) but anyway i love you all so much and hope you have a great week. Please email me about the spiritual experience that you have this week because i want to know!:) tell me things that you learned, your goals, things you learned from the scriptures and so forth. 

ok family?? do i need to say this again EMAIL ME THE THINGS YOU LEARNED< SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCES YOU HAVE!!!!!!! ok?? SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCES YOU HAVE!! i say this because i tell y'all to read different conference talks and read certain things and tell me how it goes and no one ever does....-_- i want to know the feelings of your heart and what you are thinking about. Not so much the tedious things that you did during the week!:) ok? have i made myself clear family?? step up the game with spiritual experiences! 

^^^^^^^^this does not apply to grandma and grandpa Nikole or Tristan. :)

i love you all so much! even though i called you all to repentance in this email!;) i really do love you and miss you SOOOO much every single day! cant wait to hear all the spiritual experience you have this week! 


Sister Olivia Price 

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