California San Diego Mission

California San Diego Mission

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Cuidado Piso Mojado!!!!!!

just want to first of my saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ELLYN WILLIAMS!!!! i hope you read this email or i hope grandma shows it to you!!:D 

So this week was pretty interesting. Being a missionary lots of unusual things happen to you. So let me tell you what happened the other night. Me and S.Sorenson were out walking around and we pass by this house that was playing this really really really loud rap music. I say "how about we go and knock on that door" i say that because i know S.Sorenson will for sure say no! and she responds by saying "HECK NO!!! we are going to get the door slammed in our faces!" wahahah how did i know that is what she was going to say! so then we keep walking and i say "well what about this house?" and i point to this random door that we were walking by that had their fround light on. so she agrees and we go up and knock on this door. She can see that there in this small old lady in a chair. She comes to the door and openes it. says "HELLO" grabs me, gives me a huge hug and a kiss on the cheek and tells me to come in! this point i am super confused. Is this lady a member? Does she have a bad memory and not remember if we are her grandchildren or something?? This never ever ever happens! so i was all what the heck this is awesome! both of us go in and she tells us to have a seat. We sit down and she says "now what are you here to share with me." still really confused with this really old black lady? does she know that we are missionaries? so wel tell her who we are and what we do and she says that is really nice. She tells us name and it is BABY DALLE!!! like baby doll but Baby Dalle! yep that is her name! most interesting old black lady i have ever met. She had huge glasses that she wears and she is just about 5 feel tall. NOT a member but apparently just lets strangers into her house. She also told us while we were there that she didnt think we could hurt her, but that she had a gun in the corner of the all in all this lady was actually just crazy but she was also really nice. She told us she was not interested in being mormon. 

And then yesterday while i was at the Battalion i met another interesting fellow! i call him stevendavid007 because i dont really know his real name. He took a tour and he is also this really old man, but was wearing an army had so i knew he had been part of the army. He is not a member, but LOVED the tour so much. He got to dress up as a soldier and he was wearing this name tag that said "sup" and i told him that i liked it and he gave it to me! i took a couple pics with him that i will send. I wish i could tell you some of the other cools things, but you just have to go through the Battalion tour to understand...:( or else none of what i will tell you will make sense. 

So this week i decided to take a lot more pics. Mainly at the Battalion because i realized that i have not taken a lot there so i will also send those! personally i think they are pretty cool! hope you feel the same way!:) 
(ps dad you dont have to put them all on the blog) i just want you and the family to expereince some of my mission at home so thats why i send so many pics! and plus pics are worth a thousand words so yeahhhhh!!! 

This week Nikki and Mike Harmon came to the Battalion and IT WAS SOOO AWESOME!!!!!!!! i had no seen them in like 8 years so it was so great to get to see them! they have definitely not aged a single bit! 

Well i love you all and i hope you continue to do missionary work! find people that you can give to the misionaries or places that they can stop by because those kinds of members are the best! and every member of the church is a missionary not just the ones with nametags on!!! 

i love you all so much and appreciate all the emails:) Dad i loved how you mentioned Feef picking up Princesses gifts, mom you are hilarious as always, Kaylee i loved the long email of everything that has happened it made my day when i read it!:) grandma you are so cute and love all the prayers and hard work you do! tori.....-_- you are slacking on writing to me...and feef i havent heard much from you either...:( i just want to know if your still alive! 

oh and the title of this email means CAUTION WET FLOOR in spanish and if i had a spanish band that is what i would name it! hahaha its so much fun to say! 

BYE love you all!!! 

Sister Olivia Ann Price

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