California San Diego Mission

California San Diego Mission

Sunday, April 24, 2016

San Diego !!

Just want to take a minute and thank my parents for being so awesome! they are great and i love them so much! They give the best advice :) #shoutOut 

This week the weather has been warming up, which is not so mice when you have to stand around in a full on pioneer dress, but its great weather to go to the beach and do things outside (which are things that i don't get to do as a missionary, but that is ok because i can come back after my mission:) Anyway so this has been really great!! Yesterday was one of the best days of my mission and i hope to make all the rest of the just the same!

So there is the biggest population of homeless people here in San Diego and it is just nasty. They live right next door to our apartment in the woods and they yell at each other early early in the morning...-_- Its like people here choose to be homeless because they are lazy and don't want to go out and get a job...that or they are straight up crazy. On every street corner there is always at least 1 homeless person begging for money...ehhhh its just sad. 

I got sick with the flu this week, which was not fun because i had no means to take care of myself. So Sister Sinclair (one of my favorite senior couples at the Battalion) went out and bought me medicine which was really nice of her to do. She is like my battalion mom! She is great and lives right next door to Weber State so i will get to visit her when i get off my mission!! Woo! 

Yep so that's how this week was! It was really really great!! Thanks for all the prayers and i love you all so much!:) 

PS- did all of my younger sister die? I have not heard from them this whole month???? #AmINotImportandAnymore??

Have a great week and know that life is good over here in San Diego! 


Sista OPrice

This is a selfie with my mission president! He is the greatest!! He is going to be an apostle one day i swear!!

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