California San Diego Mission

California San Diego Mission

Sunday, April 3, 2016

7 MONTHS!!!!!!!!!

Buenos tardes todos,

IM OFFICIALLY 7 months into my mission! wow....this is really the weirdest time of my life. It has flown by, but also gone so slow! only 2 more months till i get to skype my family again! wahhhh!:)

This week (yesterday) part of my tooth broke was super
weird. It was my back molar and now I have this huge hole in my tooth
and I'm scared to eat anything because I don't want to get food in it
and I dont want to get a cavity there because then ahhhh I would have
to go to the dentist and wouldn't be able to do missionary work. Not
going to lie I freaked out a little bit when part of my tooth fell
out. I immediately wanted to call Dad and ask what I should do, but as
you all know I can't do that. I'm a little scared to have another
dentist other then my dad work on my teeth.....I have been so spoiled
my whole life to have my dad as my dentist.
I hear Feef got so excited when she heard about my tooth because she
thought I was coming home to get my tooth fixed, but then got sad and
upset at the dumb rules of how I have to stay. :) that story broke my
heart!!!!!! Little (not so little) Feef just know that if I could come
I would in a second because I miss you that much!!:)

On my mission I have been fed spaghetti WAY too much!!!!! And a couple
days ago I said I would throw up the next time a member fed me
spaghetti and then the next day for lunch guess what we
had.......spaghetti...-_-. I never want to eat spaghetti ever again.
. I get fed SOOOO much!! Literally thanksgiving everyday! Therefore I am fat.....just
expect that when I come home. Hahaha I have just embraced it at this
point. But i am grateful that i am being fed and not having to starve:) i do count my blessings!

So people always say "dont you just love your mission!" 
and in my head i think "that is like asking me if i liked going to track practice!"
No one likes to go to track practice because it is so tiring and completely exhausting
but we do it because we like to win in track meets!:) and thats the same for the mission. 
Most of the time here on the mission you are completely exhausted and tired. 
You dont fit in and all you can talk about is the gospel. You miss your family, friends, music and
wearing normal clothes.. 
and you are constantly doing things that you dont want to do, BUT its all worth it when you get to baptize someone:) Dont get me wrong though there were some days that i really enjoyed track practice. When we had water balloon fights and worked hand offs. and that is just like the mission. 
There are some days that are really fun:) i would have to say more then there were fun days 
in track. But what i have learned from it all is to always find the good in every situation. 
No matter how tired you are, how awkward you feel, how much your companion hates you, 
you just need to laugh and find something to be happy about! Im my case i think of how the situation could be worse and then i am grateful for what i have been given at that very moment:) 

Also i forgot to mention last week i saw Amy and Lauren Allison at the temple, they put a pic of facebook and it was so cool! one of the many great things about being here in San Diego is that
i am going to see SO many people that i know from other places and i just love it! (sorry Tyson Bakerfield is not as much as a vacation spot as San Diego!;) 

Ohhh and every should read the conference talk "Approaching the Throne of God with Confidence" ITS SOOO GOOD!! Kaylee Tori and Sophia if you ever have to give a talk in church or talk about spiritual stuff you should really read this talk for help! it is sooooo good!:) you should all read it in family home evening! 

I love you all so much and miss you like crazyyyyyy! wish me luck in getting my tooth fixed....-_-

Sister Olivia Price 

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