California San Diego Mission

California San Diego Mission

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Coronado Island

The new area that i am in is SOOOO amazing!!! it is literally a vacation spot! I see the ocean all the time when i go into my area and i actually feel like i am in California compared to serving in Linda Vista. There are all kinds of cute little shops and super nice houses! OH MY GOSH THE HOUSES ARE SO NICE in Point Loma and Ocean Beach! Look it up online and you will see how spoiled i am! this is literally the best area in the entire mission. I even get to go to Coronado Island. AN ISLAND!!!! also look that up because it is way cool! (Sorry Tyson i will show you pics of it when i get home) So i love the ward i get to serve in and the area, its so nice and when people ask my how i got so lucky to serve in this area i tell them its because i suffered and lived in Roswell for so long! lol:) 6th ward is not so ghetto as Linda Vista is. Random people in LV would tell us that we should not walk around at night because there are sketchy people on the streets and that the LVC (Linda Vista Crips) would find us (thats the gang in Linda Vista that legit kill people) but i wasnt scared because im from Roswell and if you can make it there i think i can make it in Linda Vista.  

So my last comp always had sooo much energy and it was slightly exhuating, but now the new companion that i have never talks to me......its literally silent for most of the day that i am with her......not use to that. But she is super nice when she does talk to me. She speaks 3 languages and sadly english is not her favorite. So she tires all the time to not speak in english so yeah its going to be great. 

Ohhhh and ASIA got baptized this week!!!! WOOOOO!!!! i will send you pics of it! it was a great baptism because someone brought like a million boxes of fresh donuts!!! i was in heaven! 

Anyway lots of rejection this week, so that was nice and the investigator we had with a baptismal date dropped that was heart breaking. Rejection really builds character i will tell you that. It makes you appreciate the battalion so much because no one can reject you there. :) 

Anyway the weather is PERFECT here in SD and i am not looking forward for when it gets hot again. That is going to not be fun. 

i love you all and hope you have a great week!! 


Sister Price

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