California San Diego Mission

California San Diego Mission

Sunday, April 3, 2016


This week Elder Holland came to my church for a meeting and it was cool even though i didnt get to see him. Also shout out to all the missionaries that have seen the district! Elder Moreno from the district served in my area, that or i am serving in his area so that was pretty cool!:) Also this week i prayed for chicken salad sandwiches and boom i got them twice this week! THE LORD ANSWERS YOUR PRAYERS!!!:D 

So i had a traumatic expereince this week. The zone leaders told us that the wanted us to go to this service project for this potential investigator and so i was super excited to go. They said we were going to pick weeds and move heavy boxes. Doesnt sound too bad right? Well WRONG!! i should have known better! This lady was a straight up hoarder!!! she had 6 years of stuff just piled up in her yard and wanted us to move it all. Not throw it away, just move it to another part of her yard...... welll so first i was picking weeds (Dad you would have been so proud of me;) and as i was picking these nasty weeds my hand touches something. I look at what it was and AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! A HUUGE STACK OF DOG POOP!!!!!!! yep my hand just went right into the middle of that! and then i realized that all the weeds had little piles of dog poop in them. And i was not wearing gloves. UGHHHH it was so nasty! As we were cleaning this ladys yard we legit found a dead animal in it! i will try to send a pic of it! hahaha it was the nastiest thing ever! why do people always ask the missionaries to move all the nasty hoarders crap! NO! Then after that we went to this ladies house and she fed us the best lunch so it made up for it:) 

So this week i found out how to make mac-and-cheese in the microwave because its all the food that i have that was exciting! The weather here in San Diego is soooo nice!:) i am so blessed to have such a great mission call! Also this next week is transfers and i think that i am going to be leaving my area. I have been in the Linda Vista 1st ward for 6 months so i have a feeling that i am going to be leaving....:( sad because i love my area! we also have a family of 6 that is sooo close to being baptized!!!

Well i have to make this short because i only have half of my P-day to do everything because they made us work at the battalion because you know missionaries we are just servants...-_- but really. Being a missionary is the weirdest thing in the world. 

Anyway i love you! Hope you have a better week than me! not having to touch dog turds with your bare hands!:)


Olivia Ann Price (your favorite sister missionary)

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