California San Diego Mission

California San Diego Mission

Sunday, April 24, 2016

California Free

Greetings from California!! 

the weather here in San Diego is the best! All the time! The flowers are blooming everywhere and it is sooo beautiful! Spring time is the best time to be here! Today we are going to ride bikes around Coronado Island and i am sooo stoked! But let me tell you folks that California is straight up the weirdest place ever. Everyone here is Let me tell you why! So me and my companion were at this place Shelter Island eating dinner with a bunch of families after conference. Shelter Island is an island connected to my area by a bridge and there is only one public bathroom there. So i walk in and immediately i am confused. There are zero doors or even walls in this bathroom. Like you can literally hold hands with the person sitting next to you.....i don't know if they were trying to save materials while they were building this bathroom or what but it was so weird.....

Also Paula got baptized last week with her swim cap on and i will send you pics! they are so funny!! Bless her heart she did not want to get her hair wet and looked ridiculous being baptized with a swim cap on. She didnt want pics, but i snuck some anyway because i have to prove that i baptized a lady with a swim cap on because she didnt want her precious hair to get wet (crying laugh face). But what was really cool about the baptism is that after Paula got baptized you could physically see a difference in her countenance. She was so much more happy and brighter! Its because she knew she was saved ;) lol

So conference was so great this weekend, BUT i didn't get to watch a lot of it because i was busy taking people on tour at the Battalion....-_- thank you to all the people from Utah that came into the Battalion on Sunday that were recording conference at home, you people made me miss the words of the prophet.... no jk sacrifices bring blessings! (thats just what i keep telling myself so i don't feel as bad about missing most of conference) 

This week was not that exciting sadly. But i did eat a California burrito! everyone here says they are the best and my personal opinion is that Burrito express is 10x better. :)
Well i miss you all so much and hope that you have an exciting week! Remember the words of the prophet and #StayHoly ;) 

Hermanita Precio 

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