California San Diego Mission

California San Diego Mission

Friday, November 27, 2015

Thanksgiving !!!

Well this week consisted of a lot of meetings. We had a new missionary training meeting and i had to give a talk at it and it was...horrible. I had to talk about being a master planner, finder and teaching in front of all the missionaries and i got so nervous for some reason and i just forget everything that i was going to say so it was so embarrassing. People afterward told me they liked my talk but i knew they were just doing it to be nice, because i know for a fact that it was the worst talk the mission president and all the missionaries have ever heard. And besides being at meetings most of the week, i worked at the Battalion and that took up most of the week. But John Preston is getting baptized this week and i am so excited!! FIRST BAPTISM EVER!!! And since its thanksgiving this week i am going to list all the things that i am grateful for! Ok here i go- first i am so grateful for all of you!! for all the emails that you send me and for all the time you take to write me letters!:) It makes it a lot better and easier to be on a mission when you have your family and friends support! I am also grateful for my mission call! San Diego has the best weather and it is so beautiful here! I kinda don't want to leave because its like the garden of Eden here! i am also very grateful for my Heavenly Father and my Savior Jesus Christ! For the love that God has for me and how kind he was to send his son to the earth to suffer and die for our sins. ok well we have only a couple of minutes to email because its thanksgiving week and the place that we are emailing is closing so i have to cut this short, but all in all i am so grateful for my family! (and for my best friends Nikole, Jessica, and Tristan) i appreciate all that you do for me! really i am forever grateful for all that you have done and the extreme kindness you have given me!!:)

i LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH AND EAT LOTS OF TURKEY FOR ME...because i wont be eating any....because i have to work at the battalion...we don't get thanksgiving dinner.....:(

Olivia Ann Price :)

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