California San Diego Mission

California San Diego Mission

Friday, November 27, 2015

I'm a Mother

Dear Everyone, 

i have some really big news for yall!! Well i have officially been on my mission for 15 weeks now. And i am officially out of training!! WOOOOO!!!! I now know how to be a missionary! And tomorrow are transfers so i will be getting a new companion and today i found out that i will be training! HOW CRAZY!!!! I am going to be a trainer! I feel like i am still new myself how in the world am i suppose to train someone! So i am really scared and nervous about it, i will find out tomorrow who my companion is! So thats the big news that i have! i am in training and i feel sooooo under qualified to train but Sister Stirland  told me that i am a fantastic missionary and that i can do it so if she thinks i can then i for sure can do it! And i also find comfort in the quote "whoever the Lord calls He qualifies" so i guess that means that i am qualified to train even though i feel like a brand new missionary!:) So pray for me that i can do this! 

Something really cool that i realized today was how awesome it is to be a missionary! Like it is so awesome, even though it comes with so many sacrifices and challenges every single day that i wake up i am so happy that i get to serve people here in San Diego! You know how in school you always dream of ways that you can change the world? A way to make your name famous? Weather that is becoming famous, inventing something crazy, becoming an extreme athlete or world renowned doctor, at some point in our life we have all dreamed to change the world for the better. Well i get to do that!!!! Being a missionary i get to change the world! I can look at every single person i pass by on the street and know that my message that i have to share will change their life! I can see everyone with a love that God has and with that love i want to give them what i have! The happiness and joy that this restored gospel has to offer!:) No one is exempt! Every single person no matter how tall, short, gender, age, or ethnicity, they ALL can benefit from the message i have to share with them! And that is how i am changing the world! I am mending broken hearts and healing lost souls. I am bringing family members together stronger then they could have ever done by themselves. I am helping God children to return back to him by making sacred covenants such as baptism and getting sealed in the temple!! And i love it! Today is the day that i found out that i love being a missionary! Even though it is hard 99 percent of the time, i am go gratful for this time that i have to serve God and to help other peoples life! There is really no greater joy than doing the Lords work!:) 

So let me tell you a little bit about what happened this week! So this week i am giving a tour at the Battalion to this older man and lady. They did not look too excited to be on my tour, and they were the only 2 people on my tour. I was in one of the rooms explaining to them what the Battalion men had to wear on their journey here to San Diego and the lady fell asleep.....yep she fell asleep in my tour and i didnt really know what to do, but then after a minute or so she woke was werid. I think she had that thing where you fall asleep at random points i dont know what it is called but it was werid! And yesterday me and Sis Stirland were trying to find this ladys house and we walked by this black guy that had a BRIGHT ORANGE BEARD!!!!! it was so awesome and i wanted to take a picture of it, but sis stirland wouldnt let me.....-_- so sad....

Well i love you all so much and hope that everything is going well for all of you! i miss you all and love you so much!!! Cant wait to hear from you

Sister Price

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