California San Diego Mission

California San Diego Mission

Sunday, November 8, 2015

2 Months

Good Morning California!!!!! 

that is what i always say when i walk out the door every morning! lol so this week has been so awesome!! It was the last week of transfers but no worries i am staying in the same area and with the same companion because i am still in training. The big news this week is that i started driving here in San Diego and HOLY COW it is so scary! not like driving in Roswell AT ALL!!! so many cars and things to get distracted on but don't worry i am getting the hang of it. Last week for P-Day we got to go to Sunset Cliffs and its a place here in San Diego that we as missionaries are allowed to go and its the closest we can get to the ocean! it was so beautiful! AH i loved it! i will send you some pics from my iPad, and also a video of it:) So that was really fun. This P-day me and Sis Stirland are just going to write letters because we didn't have the chance to do that last week, so letters will be on their way this week!!:D 

So are you all excited for conference? i totally am! even though i wont get to watch all of the sessions because i have to work at the Battalion...:/ they still try to make it so we can watch as much as we can. I got to watch Elder Scott's funeral yesterday and that was something really special to watch. I had never watched an apostles funeral. I also watched the women's broadcast on Saturday and i really LOVED Uchtdorfs talk<3 ah he is just the best! I am so excited for conference!!! I want to hear all your thoughts on what talks you like:) 

So i had a life changing experience this week with an investigator. Oh my goodness it was awesome! So we are teaching this lady named Monalia, and it was kind of a miracle how we found her and last week we taught her the restoration and she really liked it! it was a good lesson and we had been trying to meet with her for the longest time, but she would have a bunch of stuff going on, but this last week we finally made an appointment with her and we are going over to her house to teach her and we see that she is sitting outside smoking. And it was a little awkward because i could tell that she was in a bad mood. She puts out her cigarette and lets us in her house. Her kids are in the house and its a little crazy. We sit down on the couch and i am over whelmed by the spirit. It just kept telling me to tell Monalisa the God loves her. Over and over in my head and in my heart i needed to tell her this, even though it had nothing to do with what our lesson was about. So we start teaching her the lesson and Sister Stirland is grilling her about what she remembers from our last lesson and how she needs to read the Book of Mormon, and i keep getting the feeling that i need to tell her that God loves her, and that i love her and that i need to share this story from my life. Well we ask if we can start with an opening prayer and we ask her if we can pray for her or anything in her life, and she looks at us and tears just start to come out of her eyes. She tells us that she is having a hard time and all the things that she would love for is to pray for. So Sis Stirland prays and i can tell that she does not really know what to say or do in this situation. So she stops talking and she looks to me. And thats the GO signal!! So after she stops talking i look at Monalisa and tell her "Monalisa i just want to tell you that I Love You So Much!! i really do! and i want you do know that God Loves you." i continued to tell her that i know only a little bit of the love that God has for her and that she is so special, that she is a daughter of God. And then i told her how i felt prompted to share this story from my life. And as i was sharing this story i started crying, and Monalisa started crying and the spirit was so strong in that little house. I bore my simple testimony of the power of the Book of Mormon and how it will help her in her life, and asked her to come to church and she said Yes!!! it was amazing! It was life changing because one i taught the entire lessons, which normally does not happen, two because it was 100% guided by the spirit, and three it changed my life because i could feel only a little bit the love that God had for this beautiful lady. My heart was so full of love, and it was a feeling that i had never felt in my entire life. To love someone soo much, to feel how much God loves them. Ah anyway the mission is amazing and life changing! Everyone needs to go on one! 

Also i love working at the Mormon Battalion! Everyday i get to tell the story of how these men marched to California and sacrificed so much! It really is such an honor and it blesses my life every single day! I have learned to be a much better public speaker and have more confidence in the things i say! I get to work and teach people from all over the world, from every kind of religious background, and every age! I literally have the best mission call in the entire world!:) 

Oh and thank you so much everyone for all the emails you send to me! i love them:) you are all so great and i appreciate all that you do for me and all the prayers! I love you all so much and how you have an amazing week and an even more amazing experience at conference!

Sister Olivia Ann Price❤😘

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