California San Diego Mission

California San Diego Mission

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Day 70

Dear Everyone!!!! 

How are you all!? How is the fall treating you? The weather is finally cooling off here in San Diego so it kinda feels like fall, but for the most part it still feels like the summer and its really weird because its october. But at least out apartment is cooling down! yayyy so this week was awesome! Conference was great as always and i took so many notes! i feel like conference is way different as a missionary because a lot of the talks dont apply to you, but they apply to the people that you are teaching and so every talk was amazing!! My favorite quote from conference is "fill your life full of things that make you happy!" and even though i cant really do that right now on my mission because everything that makes me happy is against the rules i can still ask all of you to do that! so this week fill your life full of things that make you happy and grow you closer to the Lord!:) And for my ponderising scripture i picked 1Nephi 10:18!! i loved the videos of the cousins saying their scriptures! it made my day:) Speaking of conference we got Monalisa to come!! she has a sprained ankle, so she only came to conference the last 20 minutes of it, but she really liked it! then after conference the stake fed everyone so we got to eat and talk with her and it was great! 

So i legit saw miracles this week!!!!! seriously this week was amazing! and its all because of Monalisa! We saw her twice this week,once on friday and the other time was yesterday! so when we went over to her house on friday we were having a great lessons with her and teaching her about the restoration and it was awesome! she is so smart and remembers a lot of what we teach her and she reads the Book of Mormon when we leave (which is also a very rare thing for investigators to do) and at the end of our lessons this man walks out of the back of her house and starts talking to us. We find out that this man is Monalisas Dad TJ. He is a big tall black man and i was for sure that he was going to bible bash us. BOY WAS I WRONG!!! He started asking us all kinds of questions about our religion and he told us that he has been part of the mormon religion a little and that he has found it to be the most true religion of them all. He can also read people so he was telling us all kinds of werid/cool stuff. But the thing that he could not get over was how he felt when we were over. He kept telling us that he felt a power, a good power when we were in his house. He really liked it and he liked how smart we were and how kind we were to his family. anyway long story short he loved us and asked when we were going to come back (which also never happens) so on monday we go over to Monalisas house again to teach her, and her Dad TJ and her friends Janet that was home and wanted to learn about our church as well. When we get there we end up teaching 4 adults about the gospel (monalisa, TJ, Janet, and Lina-Monalisas friend) it was INCREDIBLE!!!!!! such an amazing lessons. TJ told us that he didnt want us to leave (which also doesnt happen either) and that he was going to read the Book of Mormon and come to church with us. And he was going to bring all his friends and i know it sounds super lame,but it is literally the answer to my prayers. I can tell that he really wants to learn about the gospel and that Monalisa wants to learn too and it just brings me so much joy because i can see already by the few times that we have gone over how God has been helping them in their life! Ahhhhh missionary work is just the best! and i know that God has given me and Sister Stirland so many new people the teach becasue we have been obedient and have faith that we will find people! 

So this week we talked to this homeless man that had a pet bird on his shoulder and he had a SUPER FAT CAT!!! holy cow it was the fattest cat i have ever seen it could barley walk and we were talking to him about the gospel (obviously) and oh man the things that he thought were true about mormons was so funny! he thought that there were 2 towns were only mormons lived and no one can escape and no one can come in and they do all this werid stuff and i was dying laughing when he was telling me this stuff (my companions didnt like that fact that i was laughing...but it was hilarious i wish you could have been there) because i knew that he was just straight up crazy. So thats the perks of being a missionary:)

I love all of you and cant wait to talk to the fam on Christmas!:) Have a great rest of your day! 
ps-i am learning how to street contact in spanish! Dad you would be proud;) 

Love Lots, 
Olivia the Pioneer / Sister Price❤

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