California San Diego Mission

California San Diego Mission

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Day 77


so i have come to the conclusion that it is summer all year long here in San Diego and i am just about sick of it! Its been up in the 90s all week long. The people that told me that San Diego would have nice weather lied. The weather is so hot and humid here.....I'm still waiting for fall to come and i don't think that it will ever come!..... 

Anyway so this week was good. Not fantastic, not bad, just good. I have realized that when i am sweating the whole day that i am not very happy so that's why this week wasn't my favorite. And plus i am constantly getting scolded by my trainer....yayy my favorite thing. lot she puts me in situation that i epicly fail at and then scolds me about it.... So yeah lots of fun things happening over here. Really learning how to be patient and deal with my anger and just love her. 

So this week something really cool happened. When i was church the bishop calls us out of class and tells us to talk to his girl. We go up and introduce ourselves to her. She is really super nice and really pretty (not that has anything to do with anything:) and she told us that she went to seminary lots of times in high school, she goes to church a lot, she is not a member of the church, but really wants to get baptized!!! Yeah i know crazy!! she just came up and told us this! we didn't have to do much! it was such a miracle!! But the bad thing is that she is YSA age so we cant baptize her......grrrrr i feel your pain all the time Tyson!! But yeah there is lots of work to be done here n San Diego! Oh also Monalisas friend Janet came to church this week and she LOVED it! she is this older black lady and she was saying "AMEN!" to everything in Relief Society! lol it was the greatest! i know she is going to be baptized soon! And also we got one of our investigators with a baptismal date so that is exciting!! she is 14 year old girl and she reminds me of Sophia!;) she plays volleyball so when i teach her i liked everything to volleyball to help her understand better! its great!

So something really cool that i realized this week! God gave us the Book of Mormon for us! the book of Mormon was not for the Nephites and the Lamanites, it did them no good! It was written for us in this day and age! So anyone that tells you that the Book of Mormon is just an old book that does not apply today TELL THEM THEY ARE WRONG!!!! And also God tells us to read the Book of Mormon not to benefit him, its for our own benefit! If we read it will only help yourself, it does nothing for God. We act like reading the Book of Mormon is such a horrible long task, bu really its not. Its a selfish act! When we read the BOM its only helping us! Not God, not your neighbor, not your wife or cousin, only you!!!! And its its something that we take advantage of! like its such a chore to read this wonderful book! we should be so excited and grateful that we get to better our understanding of Christs gospel and strengthen our testimony through this book! so yeah that's something that i came to the understanding of this week because we teach a lot of less active families and its like pulling teeth trying to get them to read the book of Mormon. Bro its only going to help you in your life! Like why would you not read it!? 

I hope all of you are doing well!! i love you all and pray for you every day!:) 
Pioneer Olivia❤

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