California San Diego Mission

California San Diego Mission

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Day 91

Dear Friends and Family!

How have you all been? So this week is what i like to call "missionary initiation week" remember when you were in high school and you would do evil things to the freshman just to stress them out and prove that you were better than them? well guess what once you leave high school it does not stop!! it continues on the mission. So this week my trainer acts like she doesn't know a dang single thing and i have to do literally everything!! And its absolutely the worst! So i will ask her questions and she will always reply with "i don't know I'm new" and she wont let me borrow her GPS so i have been completely lost, but i gave in and bought one was a whopping 100 dollars.....-_- anyway so it seems like all the girls in the battalion are into cutting their own hair. So that's what most of them have been doing is cutting each others hair and they always ask me "when can i cut your hair?" and in my head i am thinking NOT IN A MILLION YEARS SISTA! haha no way am i letting anyone cut my precious hair! They tell me that its too long and bla bla bla its annoying I'm not cutting my hair and that is the end of that!! So before my mission i use to LOVE Sundays! they use to be the best day of the week, and i really thought that it would continue once i got on the mission, but NOOOOOO i strongly dislike Sundays now.....i feel so bad for saying that, but its the truth. We have to leave church early so that we can go work at the Battalion and its like every single person and their mother show up at the Battalion on Sunday! and my question is "WHY ARE Y'ALL NOT AT CHURCH?" like church is more important then the Mormon battalion! and then speaking of the Battalion, the sister that work there (including me) work our butts of there to give these people the best tour ever and the people that take tours on Sunday just stare at me and act like they don't want to be there....i secretly want to tell them that its a free tour, they don't have to be here if they don't want to! lol I'm really learning how to be Christ like with members of the church :) Also since i spend so much time at the battalion and get to interact with other families it has made me realize what kind of family i want. I am going to have well behaved kids that have manners! Some of the families that come through lack in those two areas....but anyway so in the Linda Vista 1st ward (the ward that i am currently in) it is comprised mostly of marines and lawyers. Its great! and we are not allowed to proselyte in military housing, but a lot of our members live there so we get to go over anyway. And the people in the marines remind me so much of Dad. I really understand now why he loves the military! they are such good people! 
So the weather here is like a bad ex boyfriend that just wont go away. What i mean by that is the weather will act like its cooling off, then one day it will be 92 degrees and we are all burning up..then it will start to get nice really still feels like summer here and its weird. Being on a mission is just weird in general. But other than that the work is good! we have a lot of people that have the potential to get baptized, we just have to help them out a little bit. 
I love you all so much and hope that you have a wonderful Halloween! i will be dressing up as a pioneer...because i will be at the battalion because that place never closes:)
Sister Price (the cheetah) ----I'm a cheetah because apparently i look like one..which is a compliment i think:) cheetahs are so cute!

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