California San Diego Mission

California San Diego Mission

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Day 146 CHRISTMAS!!!


This WEEK IS CHRISTMAS AND I GET TO SKYPE/FACE TIME HOME!!!!!!!! i am seriously sooo so so excited even though we get less than an hour to do it....-_- (still trying to love mission rules even though it seems like they were made by satan) but i will be calling home around 12:00 san diego time, so i have no idea what time that will be in Roswell so make sure you are all ready!

So this week was awesome! The Bills family came to the Battalion this week and IT WAS SO AWESOME!!!!!!! I got to take them on a tour and i hope that they enjoyed it! It was literally just what i needed! To have someone that you know come through the Battalion is just about the best thing and especially the Bills family because they are so awesome and Sister Bills and I have such a strong relationship and the entire time i took their family on tour you could feel the spirit so strong and ahh i will tell you more about it when i Skype home:) 

not trying to scare you mom, but i almost died this week....because i ate nuts.....and had to use my epi the middle of a lesson.....because i ate a cookie that had nuts in it at a members home and.....i couldnt breath....but used my epi pen and now im ok:) I will also tell you more about that lovely experience when i see yall on friday! 

Yesterday was the Christmas devotional and what that is, all the missionaries in the entire mission get together (which never happens) and the mission president talks to us and they show this huge slide show of all the baptisms in the entire year and by watching that it made me SOO motivated to go out and baptize everyone!!! it was a good way to end/start the new year! :)

So i am geting my hair colored today so wish me luck that she does a good job or i might just kill myself because i feel like an ugly nun here on my mission because i literally have 0 time to get ready and take care of myself....not even kidding i usually have about 20 minutes in the morning to get ready, and Dad i already know what you are going to say "thats more than enough time to get ready" no its not! being on a mission you can control absolutely nothing except what you eat and what you look like and so the fact that i cant even control that really makes me angry/sad/anxious/nervous/angry/angry/mad....:) 

Well i only have a tiny bit of time on the computers today...:( but i will see you all on Christmas!!!! woooo i hope you are all as excited as i am! and Shout out to Tori for writing me an email this week! first time in basically forever!:P woo i love you all so much! thank you for all the wonderful Christmas present:s):):):) you sure know how to treat a girl;)

Sister Olivia Ann Price

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