California San Diego Mission

California San Diego Mission

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Day 140

Buenos tardes!!! 

So this week has been crazy! Being at the Battalion we have so much less time in our area to proselyte.....which makes it seem like we are not doing missionary work. I calculated it, Tyson imagine only spending 2 and a half days in your area a week, how much missionary work and lessons could you get done with that amount of time? Yep that's how much time Battalion Sisters have in their area....even though we have so little time in our area the Lord blesses us with lots of people to teach and i am so glad for that! We definitely see miracles from it. But don't get me wrong i love working at the Battalion as well:) Except for on Sunday....i hate working at the Battalion on and i will tell you why. So on Sunday for my entire life i am use to not doing ANYTHING!!! its "the day of rest" WRONG!!!! when you are a missionary it is the most busiest day ever. And on fast Sunday it is literally the worst. On fast Sunday i am tired, and super super hungry. i get up at the crack of dawn and go to ward council, then go to church, then go and work at the battalion for 5 hours and then we get to go to our dinner appointment. Well those 5 hours that i am at the Battalion i have to act happy and cheerful, and i have to act like i am so happy to serve the people that walk in the door, when in reality i don't want them to be there and i want to be eating thanksgiving dinner in my bed. So the other Sunday i was at the Battalion (starving and tired)  and a bunch of families walk in and i think to myself "No go away!" but of course i don't say that, i put my "golden retriever" smile on and take these people on a tour. Well these people are members of the church and sometimes members of the church act like they are entitled to everything that the church has (that includes visitor centers like the Mormon Battalion) and they treat me like i am their servant.....and that i have nothing better to do than to serve them...(which not going to lie is the truth but i like to think that its not...) and so in my tour i am talking and doing my MoBat thing that i normally do informing these peeps about the Battalion and they look so bored and i don't know why but i just got so mad. I have never been so mad in my entire life before, and i think it was because i was tired, hungry and i was giving all that i had to make the tour fun and to give these people (that were not very nice to me) a tour that they would enjoy. And in the mists of my extreme madness a quote by Jeffery Holland came to my mind and it says "when they are cast out, and spit upon and made a hiss and a byword, they are standing shoulder to shoulder to the greatest life this world has ever known, the only pure and perfect missionary that has ever lived and they have every reason to stand tall" At that moment i thought about Jesus Christ. I thought of how He knows what i am going through, and how Jesus Christ is standing right next to me in my trials willing to help me if i ask. I thought of how He would respond to the situation and when i thought about that i was immediately comforted and my heart was softened for these rude people i was taking on tour. It is so amazing to me the power of Jesus Christ!!!  He can literally help you thorough ANYTHING that you are going through! No matter what, even if you are a missionary the atonement can still lift you and guide you in your life and that is something that i came to realize this week:)

Today is transfers and i am staying in Linda Vista 1st with Sister Sorenson! wooo party! we decorated our apartment with all kinds of Christmas stuff so it looks legit, even though we don't have a Christmas so John Preston my recent convert blessed the sacrament this week!!!! and HE WENT TO THE TEMPLE and did baptisms for the dead!! it was the coolest thing ever to have helped him get to do that, that that is for sure my favorite thing as a missionary!:)  

and i know you are all dying to know when i am going to skype home.....wait for it.....wait for it........I DON'T KNOW?! haha i dont know when i am going to skype home, they have not told us yet..-_-..... but im hoping that its in the morning, so make sure you have skype open and ready to go and send me the skype address so i can call you ok!!!! DONT FORGET TO SEND ME THE SKPYE ADDRESS!!!!!!! 

As for Faith, she decided that she wants to get baptized on her birthday which is the day before Christmas so she will be getting baptized next week, but she is still awesome!:) The work moves on and i wish that i could tell you all everything, but i have already spent an hour writing this email so I'm going to go!:) 

Also there is never a dull moment with my companion, she is crazy and i have finally come to love her:) 

have a great week!!!:D

Sister Olivia Ann Price 

PS its freezing here in SD! 47 degrees!!!

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