California San Diego Mission

California San Diego Mission

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

4 months!

This week was thanksgiving and it was good, ate lots of food which was really nice since i thought that i wasnt going to be getting a thanksgiving:) It sounds like all of you had a great holiday week, but the most exciting thing about this week was i had my first baptism!!!! JOHN is now baptized! It was one of the most spiritual baptism i have ever been to! And i have to admit i cryed, i cryed because there is something so special about helping someone come closer to Jesus Christ and helping them enter into the sacred covanent of baptism. I taught John all of the missionary lessons, we over came his trials together and he is now the newest member of the Church of Jesus CHrist of Latter Day Saints!! wooooo go john! the next step is to get him to go to the temple and do baptism for the dead, and he is getting the preistood next week so that is awesome!!:) (side note, i want you all to know that i suck at writing emails about myself....its not normal for a missionary to think about themselves so its really werid to talk all about my week, and thats why my emails are always terrible so i apologize) 

Sothis week a new christmas movie/mormon message came out and IT IS AWESOME!!!! if you go to you can watch "A Savior is Born" and "A World without A SAvior" both amazing videos that as missionaries we will be using a lot! before every battalion tour we show those two short videos and they are so powerful! So i challenge you all to watch them and to discover why we need a savior and how you have come closer to the Savior this year as compared to last year:)  

as a missionary you really learn to love your companion even when you two are totally opposite, and that is what i am learning to do right now, there is never a dull moment with Sister Sorenson and i really enjoy it! Yesterday we were walking around this apartment complex and this security (hard core secrutiy guard) comes and asks us what we are doing and we act like we are lost so we can talk to him, and he angryly tell us where to go and we tell him that we are going to be visiting a member of our congregation and my comp asks is he wants to come with us, and he starts to walk away and yells no and she says "oh come on it will be fun" and he just starts cussing at us and saying all kinds of horrible things about God and wow it was terible, but i couldnt help but laugh because God never did anything to that dude, and my comp was totally egging him on, and something else that i realized is that he needed our message the most. This angry mean man that said he was athist needs the message of the restored gospel the most! and that is why i am on a mission is to share this wonderful message to peeople like this angry security officer! 

another side note is that i am a total noob when it comes to talking to boys i cant even act normal around them. And you want to know why? its because i spend my day around 21 other sisters and its a horrible sin if you talk to boys in person on a mission....the missionary awkward now.....grrr 

welel i am super short of time but i will attach pics because lets be honest those are the best part:)

Sister Price

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