California San Diego Mission

California San Diego Mission

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Mission life

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year! It is full of songs and
presents, toys and tinsel. Beings a servant of the Lord you experience
Christmas in a very different way. I don't get to put the Christmas
tree up with my family, I don't get to watch the Christmas story, I
don't eVen get the chance to wrap presents. Every morning I wake up
and I put my beloved name tag on prepared and willing to go out and
teach the world about our Savior Jesus Christ. I get to tell the city
of San Diego about the reason we celebrate Christmas. And it has never
brought me so much joy! Serving others is truly a gift from God. As I
think less about myself this Christmas season I am filled with the
love with joy, not a joy that I usually feel around Christmas time,
but a joy that fills every fiber of my body! It makes me want to sing
and dance because the message I have to share can help every single
person. It can benefit the rich and the poor, the young and the old
and I rejoice because I have confidence that I can walk up to every
single person I see and know for a certain that I have what they need.

But does this mean that it is easy? NO!!! I now know what people mean
when they say a mission is going to be hard. No one really ever
prepares you for what you are going to experience so I made a list so
other can know how a mission is hard. A mission is hard because
everyday you wake up willing to serve others and doors get slammed in
your face. Over and over again. Rejection all the time. You have a companion
that you have nothing in common with except the Gospel. You try as hard
are you can to invite other to come to Christ but someday no one wants 
to listen. You work long hours
to serve your investigators, you think of ways they can get to church and 
certain scriptures that can help them, and in the end they don't listen. They don't
keep commitments, don't answer your phone calls or texts. You are always
thinking of ways that you can improve and rarely ever think of the good 
that you are doing, all that you knew before the mission is taken away. 
No more music, family, friends, normal clothes, normal food, normal 
sleeping time, vacation, relaxation, exercise, games, school, all gone. 
You are ripped from a world you once new and are thrown into a new life 
of rules and obedience. A new life that is never about you, but in the same time 
all about you. A life that is no unnatural and bizarre. 

But this new life as bizarre and different as it is, is so wonderful at the same time! 
Helping others change and see the hand of God in their life has never been so fulfilling! 
Meeting someone new and immediately loving them the way God would touches your 
heart in an unforgettable way! And that's why i do this! That is why i put up with rejection! 
That is why i push through my tiredness! That is why i learn to love my companion! 
I do it all because loving someone the way God loves them out weights everything else! 
Seeing a child of God change their life toward happiness gives you power in those days 
of loneliness and sadness! 

That is why i am here. That is why i stay. Even though i miss my family and friends 
more than they can imagine, the experience i get to have and the lives i get to change 
are helping me so i can be a better friend and sister to all those that i have left for 18 months.

I want you all to know that i LOVE Jesus Christ! I LOVE God!! And i am so grateful for this 
Christmas season, even though i don't have a tree or gifts to give, the greatest and most 
important thing i can share with others is the message of the restored gospel, and i don't just have 
to chance to share it around Christmas time, i get to share it all year long!!! But during this time of 
the year don't forget the true meaning of Christmas! Jesus Christ the Savior and redeemer of the world 
was born in a tiny stable. He was born so we can be born again! If we love Him, remember Him, follow Him!! 
I invite you all to remember Jesus Christ this Christmas season and help others 
to come closer to their Savior Jesus Christ!:) 
I love you all and wish you a very Merry Christmas!!!!<3

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