California San Diego Mission

California San Diego Mission

Sunday, October 16, 2016

When it rains it pours

What i mean by the title of this emails is that SO MANY THINGS HAPPENED THIS WEEK!!!! Heavenly Father poured out lots and lots of blessings this week so this email will hopefully be more interesting then the past couple of emails. 

Well to start of the big news is that THE WILLIAMS FAMILY CAME AND SAW ME AT THE MOBAT!!! what a surprise!! The best surprise i have had on my entire misison! Wooo! and for all that dont know who the Williams family is, they are my cousins/aunt/uncle. I got to take them on a tour at the Mobat and i hope they enjoyed it! I had a fun time clapping our hands and dressing up like a soldier:) even though Sister Luke the senior sister was a little grouchy and quote from Elly Williams "needed a snickers" Thanks mom for telling Kristen to buy me conditioner, sour patch watermelons and white chocolate!! It was like christmas :) Right before i took the Williams on tour i took the general primary and preisthood leaders of the church on tour! IT WAS SO LEGIT!!!! But i will have to admit i was more nervous to take my family on tour then i was the general leaders of the church....

Also another awesome things that happened this week is ELDER HOLLAND CAME AND SPOKE TO OUR MISSION!!!!!!!! Yes you all can be jealous because it was the most awesome thing ever. Elder Holland is my favorite apostle and to sit 3 rows away from him was like being at a Justin Beiber concert. He spoke to us about our missions and missionary work and i will never forget the feeling as he spoke. My heart felt too big for my chest and it energized me so much!! I consider myself the luckiest missionary in the world, because this week another general authority is coming to our mission. Elder Hamula of the 70. He is doing a mission tour. Which is weird because we just had one in december, but i think its because my mission president is going to be called to be a general authority soooo...all kinds of cool people come so see how his missionaries are.

Also this week God has blessed the people of the San Diego 8th ward that i am serving in and also the people in the San Diego jail, because we added two criminals this week!! haha yayy it reminds me of being in Roswell! All the places in our area are super sketch and its so funny to see my companion who is from Logan Utah freak out and it doesn't even bother me cuz these places look similar to where im from! Also i gave a talk in church this week and Mom and Dad you would have been so proud of me! I thought i did a good job :) I may or may have not called the entire ward to repentance, but its ok because i did it with love :) 

So thats the basics of what happened this week! 
Hope you all had an equally exciting week! 
I love you all so much and hope you hear from all of you! (that means you Tori, Kaylee, Mom and Sophia!) 

Sister Price

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