California San Diego Mission

California San Diego Mission

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Spider Woman

My Dearest Loved-ones

I just want to start off by saying how thankful I am that all of you email me! it really makes my day and I know I only have limited amount of time to reply but I love love love hearing from you!!:) so don't stop!!! I think about y'all all the time and always wonder what you are doing!:)
So this week has been so super crazy! Well to start off this week has been one of the hottest weeks here in San Diego. It got up to 100 degrees and I was absolutely miserable!!! I was sweating all the days!! Morning and night and I thought I was on the verge of death! Well let me tell you a little story,

Once upon a time there was a missionary and she was sleeping and in her sleep two different spiders crawled in her bed and bit her on the inside of both ankles. She didn't know that they were spider bites she just thought that they were mosquito bites. Well her bites grew bigger and her feet swelled up and then her bites started turning black and she needed to go to the doctors.

Yep that's what happened to me this week. All this week I had a fever of 102.4 and I didn't know about it, I thought that I was just hot because of the weather. I had all kinds of symptoms and I had these nasty huge spider bites on my ankles. They were so painful when I walked and they kept getting bigger and turning colors so we went to the doctors. He gave me some pills and some cream and I took Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to recover from my fever and all the other things that were going on with my body. It was honestly the worst. The hardest thing about being a missionary is that when you are sick there is nothing that you can do about it. No one to take care of you, no one to make you feel better and you cant not even go to the doctors without permission. Its so annoying!!!!! But I am all better from my fever! Seriously doing missionary work with a fever is the worst thing ever and I am so glad that I feel better!! I am just waiting for my spider women powers to kick in;)

So mom and dad this is for you, I am so mad because I thought that I had to use my own money for food and stuff like that and to do my laundry and that is why I had been using so much of it and then I asked another sister and she told me that I can use the money they give us and so I wont be using any more of my money now that I know I can use my other money! except today, today we are going bowling.....I don't want to go but whatever I am forced so I will be using my money for that.  But yeah oh and I used 20 dollars for my pills so I mean if you would like to put 20 dollars on my card for that it would be much appreciated:)

so this last pday last Tuesday we took a trolley ride that goes all over San Diego and IT WAS THE COOLEST THING EVER!!!! I loved it! missionaries get to ride it for free! and I will send you pictures of it from my iPad! I took some really good ones! and I am hoping that you can get my videos because they are pretty awesome as well!:)

Dear Tyson,
remember when you were training...
yep that me right now...-_-
Love, Liv

OK so no a lot happened this week because I spend most of it in my apartment sick, but when you have a fever everyone wants to bring you ice cream and that was so awesome! All the sisters at the battalion are the best! they took care of me! they will literally give you the shirt off of their back if you asked for it <3 I love being a battalion sister so much!! we have the most fun! and  Sister Barnes she is the wife of the president over the Mormon battalion, she loves me so much! she calls me Texas and I am the only person she has a nickname for! ah its the cutest! when she saw that I was sick she says"awww Texas is sick...:(" its so cute so now everyone calls me Texas...even though that's not where I am from!

Well I will send love of pics and videos so look forward to those!!

I love all of you!!!! SEND ME LETTERS!!!!!!:D
-Sister Olivia Ann Price (Texas)

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