California San Diego Mission

California San Diego Mission

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Dear Family, 

Soooo so so good to hear from you all! sounds like everyone is having fun and doing well, well maybe except for mother;) so this week has been good. I am getting more familiar with this missionary life. Seriously the hardest thing about being a missionary is staying awake for me. I am SOOOO tired all the time its not even funny. I start to fall asleep when people talk to me! So pray that i can stay awake! So every morning we have to exercise for 30 minutes from 6:30-7 and we are required to run monday wednesday and friday and we can do whatever we want for the other days of the week so of course i was super excited that i get to run!!! well the Lord wants me to learn patience or something similar to that so he gave me a companion that has legs 2 inches long:) and so we run at a nice slow pace:) i dont even sweat:) so yeah but i am really glad that i get to run!! and then on the others days on tuesday and thursday i lead ALL the sister missionaries in workouts! lol we do abs and legs and all kinds of stuff and they love it! Even though most of them cant even do half of the exercises they love being sore the next day which makes me happy:) So all the sisters think that i am the work out queen and that i am so in shape and TBH i am soooo out of shape i just wonder what they would say if i was actually in shape and we were to work out! lol and so when we run every morning we run to Sea World! How cool right!:) and the mornings are always the coolest temperature so its a good time to work out! 

Ok so here is my rant about the one thing i HATE about San Diego!! ONE- there is never any parking.....literally anywhere you go there is never anywhere to park! Two- our new jersey apartments are like living inside of a mouth. Its hot and humid and smells weird. I take a shower at night and when i wake up in the morning only half of my hair is dry. EHHHHH what is this place! i dont like it! and since its nice and humid my acne is taking over my life! NOOOOO!!!.....-_- and did i mention that we have no AC in our apartment so i sweat myself to sleep everynight:) the joys of being a missionary! Also if you leave the top of the cereal open your cereal will go nasty in 2 seconds! yes i learned that the hard way! So i have a mission for Kaylee or Mom or someone! PLZ find something on the internet that will help get ride of acne in the humid weather! Anything i am desperate!:) Ohh and also Congrats Mom and Dad for being married for so long! yall are so adorable and i love the nasty picture of you two kissing:) dont ever send that again haha 

So i hear Bailee is in Chile! Does anyone know how that is going! haha i would love to hear stories about that! And 

Dear Tyson, 
Ipads are awesome! Makes using the areabook 10 times easier and we have two baptisms this week!! SOOO PUMPED!! BUCKETS!!!!:D that what we call baptisms lol 
Love Olivia! 

So Dad i just want to tell you that you were right about the people here in California! They are all soo crazy! they all need the gospel! even the members! So we have a lot of work to do here in San Diego! So i am going to start of by telling you about the two people that we are going to be baptizing this week! Their names are Marcus and Daniela! they are the sweetest people! they just got mariried last week so they are finially living the law of chastity and they are soo so so rady to be baptised! i can see it in their eyes! they love the gospel and Daniela just got her gal bladder taken out this past weekend so we went and saw her in the Hospital. They tell us all the good mexican places to eat here in san diego:) and Marcus loves us so much that he always wants to gives us hugs when we leave and gets really sad when we tell him that we cant hug him lol! They are 19 and 20 and i am so excited for their baptism!!:) so yeah that the exciting thing for this week! 

So there is this elderly/sernior companion at the Mo Bat (mormon Battalion) and their name is the sinclairs! Elder SInclair reminds me of grandpa because he is kinds a cowboy! Yestreday he walked past me and said "if we get 100 people in here today ill let you kiss my gritz!" and i just started dyinggggg laughing because it reminded me of when grandpa would say to Elly "Elly May come do the dishes" and elly would say "Grandpa kiss my gritz!" ahahahahahahahah it was so funny! 

And the awkward moment of the week is we went to teach this investigator and his door was open, but his screen door was shut and we didnt see anyone in the house. We knock and then his cat comes to the door hissing at us!! and you know how i love i start hissing at it back! and it hisses at me again and then i show my companion how good i am at meowing at cats so i start making these weird cat noises, then we hear someone say "Hello...?" and our investigator was inside right next to the door listening the whole time!!!! AHHHH it was so embarrassing!!  so yeah thats the life of a missionary! 

Love all the emails!! i get to read them all during the week and Kaylee i LOVE the pictures! i screen shot them and save them on my ipad so i can see you and tori and feef everyday!:)<3 I miss you all so much! I wish that you all could experience what i am experienceing :) ohhh and another favor for FHE read the conference talk "Choose to Believe" it is soooo so so amazing!!:) dont forget!! i LOVE you all!!! big hugs and kisses for everyone! 

Hermana Price$$$ ;)

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