California San Diego Mission

California San Diego Mission

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Day 42

Hello Everyone!!!! 

OK just to start off what in the heck are grandmas and grandpas email??? i keep meaning to send them my emails but i don't know what it is? so if yall could hook that up it would be real nice for sure:) So to start of my email i am going to talk about the food i ate this week. On Tuesday it was one of the Mandarin sisters birther (sister Wong) who is the funniest asian i have ever met! she likes to "bully" my companion and i think she does that because my companion is the only person shorter than her! lol well we went on got sushi for her birthday(typical) and we went to this place and it was sushi happy hour and so i got 2 rolls of sushi and IT WAS THE BEST SUSHI I HAVE EVER HAD!!!!! i crave it every single day! and it was only 4 dollars for a roll of sushi which is really cheap! And on Wednesday this less-active man names Thomas took us out to eat at Mimi's cafe. I was all ....really Mimi's the last time i went here Tori threw up in the bathroom but yeah we went there and i got this past with cheese sauce and it was all good. He had some nice stories to tell us. He said the reason they he doesn't come to church is because he is just lazy....seriously dude! But he paid for our meals which was nice and i could not eat all my food so i put it in a to-go box and was holding it against my body waiting for my companion and the cheese sauce spilled all down the front of me.....and we had 2 more appointments to go i smelled like cheese sauce and looked ratchet. I will attach a pic. On Thursday we had lunch at a members house. Her name is sister Kondor. I knew i loved this lady the minute i talked to her on the phone! she is so awesome! She lives in SUCH A NICE HOUSE and she fed us some really really really good food! and she didn't over feed us so that was really nice as well:) she has the cutest stories about how she converted her husband to the church and she is older and likes to go ball room dancing and do water aerobics and she does so much missionary work!!! Gosh i love this lady so much!!! and a cool thing is that there is a San Diego Chargers player that is in our ward and him and his family live right next door to her!!! AND THEY INVITED US OVER FOR DINNER SO I AM SO EXCITED!!!! I get to have dinner with a famous football player! No big deal!! Then on Friday this lady in our ward had us over for dinner her name is Sister Evilsizor and she is a recent convert to the church and she has such a small little home and is the only parent that works and has 2 cute children. She is such a nice lady and made us some really good steak and veggies and bread!! mmmm it was good! so yeah no worries about food! we get fed! I lo ve meeting the members of our ward, especially when they feed us:)

So just a few things before i forget! Mom Dad someone, can you see how much money is on my debit card and tell me?  And if you want to send me something i would recommend the "Nashville Tribute Band" CD! Oh its my absolute favorite!!! So if you want to send me that one day i would be eternally grateful!:) also here are some ideas of things that you can send me, you don't have to, but here are just some ideas, sticky notes, stickers, envelopes (the long ones) drawings that i can hang up in my apartment, and pictures of your life, just little things like that:);) Oh and i just want to say a BIG THANK YOU for all of you that pay your tithing!!! Missionaries are able to buy groceries because people pay their tithing!!:) Oh and before i forget every week can you send me a spiritual or uplifting quote and a joke??? I love quotes and jokes:) i would so appreciate if you could do that:) and another big thank you (sorry i am all over the place with this email) to everyone that sent me things at the MTC! Especially Karen and Grandma Price!!! Your kind thoughts made my day do thank you sooo so so much for that!!:) 

Alright back to what is happening here in San Diego! Well ok so our apartment is a bit jersey and my companion always says how much she loves it! she just loves our apartment because it has "air conditioning"....HAHAok let me be the first one to say that WE NEVER USE IT!!! she says it "costs the church too much money"....-_- i get really angry when she says that because i am literally dripping sweat all the time. Our apartment is about 85 degrees with humidity. and it smells weird. Its like living inside of a mouth. So everyday is a bad hair day and i constantly feel sticky. its terrible. Everyday when i get into the shower i turn it on FULL BLAST COLD!!!!! No hot water at all. It is really a struggle and i cant wait for it to get cold!!! or colder that is cus it never gets cold here. And when people asked me how I'm adjusting to living here i tell them that i have a hard time with the humidity and they say "what humidity? its not humid here" HAHAHA....good one...-_- you have obviously never lived in New Mexico dingus! I miss the dry weather! And ok so this last past Sunday was fast Sunday and we fasted for 2 meals and when i don't eat i am usually very tired. I was so tired all day! i fell asleep in church and just had no motivation to be a missionary because i just could not focus and because i was soo dehydrated and hot from sweating all day because we were out tracting. Well we were going to our dinner appointment and my companion really wants me  to get better at street contacting (that going up to random people on the street and talking to them and then somehow inviting them to hear the gospel) and so it was 5:00 and i am FAMISHED! like I'm literally about to pass out because of how hungry i am. I have not had water all day and we have been going going going all day and i just need some food. We are going up to the apartment of our dinner persons house and my companions sees some people and she goes "ok here is your change! talk to them!" again HAHAHA.....yeah not happening right not! I'm literally about to fall over cuz i am so hungry. Literally i couldn't feel my feet and i was sweating so bad, and i looked at her and said no. She doesn't like when i tell her no, so she goes up and talks to them. Oh I'm on my death bed at this point. Finally she gets done talking to them and we can go into this members house where it is cold and air conditioned and eat. Then i was all better after that! So fast Sunday is really a struggle!! 

Well thank you so much for all the emails!! I love hearing what is going on in your life! Sorry but i have limited time to email because my companion just wants to GO Go GO GO! but i love all of you! Cant wait to hear from you next week!! Dad sounds like everything is going well for you! I miss running with you every morning! Mom- you life is tragic, as always;) but it makes for good stories at the Mo Bat! Kaylee, your lost without me;) just sounds like you are being the best older sister possible! Tori- i didn't hear from you this week or last week....:( sad Yibby! But i hope you are rocking it at VBALL!! and Feef- sounds like life is going well for you! Killing the court at BMS!!! thats what i like to hear!:) and thank you so much for your letter last week! it made my day!!!!<3 Give princess a big kiss on the head for me!! i miss all of you and cant wait to talk to you at Christmas!!:) i will send some pics!!:)

Sister Price$$ 

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